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posted 12-03-99 04:58 PM           
well, some of the conspiracy buffs have been saying something about the possibility of Commander Kane (the one that spawns in Qeynos Catacombs, not the one that spawns up top as 'Kane Bayle') being a part of the FA quest. Appearantly his location (surrounded by high level support) has made it so noone has ever killed him, and considering how big of a figure he is in the Qeynos drama, he MUST be a part of something big, right? Also of note is the locked firepots, mentioned in an earlier reply, which are also found in the catacombs. Unfortunatly, I lack the high level to research such things, but my current location in the steamfront mountains does give me opportunity to research the clockwork dragon... I may sink a few hours of game time into that. I also personally think that there is no way there could be a hidden zone in BlackBurrow, seeing as how so many people frequent so many spots in it. Anyhow, if you see a ranger named Olight on tunare server, give him a fishbone earring and a greater lightstone and I'll jump in any lake you want looking for elusive, rare spawning sea monsters. pax.

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posted 12-03-99 05:23 PM           
Oh, forgot a few things.

I have seen two regular players running around with a flaming sword on the Karana server. I am not sure if it is the one you are looking for. It was not GM's, and it looked very cool!


He is supposed to be in EverFrost Peaks somewhere. In beta there was an underwater cave in Everfrost. You got to it by swimming under the ice, as there are several cracks in it (first time I 'found' a crack I drowned cause I couldn't find my way out).

Anyway, there use to be some high level skeletons guarding a dead end cave, similar to the cave in Tox forrest.

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posted 12-03-99 05:28 PM           
Hehe, hate to dispel rumors of the FA, but SoulFire also has flames on it, and I know countless paladins who have it. I'm positive that's the sword you saw, as I've yet to hear of ANYONE getting the elusive Fiery Avenger.

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posted 12-03-99 06:17 PM           
I have heard that 3 people have the "new" fiery avenger.... this is what I heard:

1H Slash
35/35 OR 40/35 dmg/delay (unsure which is true)
Procs some lvl 29 wizzie spell that does 300 dmg

don't know if this is true.... oubt it but I might as well throw info into the frey.... oh and I was once killed by a_sea_monster00 or something like that in beta.... one hit of 300+... never saw the monster tho


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posted 12-03-99 06:46 PM           
Yeah, there's a mystery for you. Why no dark elf bards?

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posted 12-03-99 07:38 PM           
This should help dispell some of those rumors.

All of the rumors about a new zone are NOT TRUE. All the zones that are in the game are in your Everquest Directory. Go to and and look at all the zones. None of them are new. There is no zone under Ak'anon, Blackborrow or other zones. Sorry! Maybe this things will be expanded upon in the Expanion or by some Admin.

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posted 12-03-99 07:45 PM           
I've actually seen a Dark Elf bard. She was using guise of the Deciever, but she was a Dark Elf bard nonetheless.

Yes, Soulfire is the other sword with flames on it. That's the main reason it is so sought after (I understand there are better Paladin weapons). Also, I'd love to believe FA was 35/35 stats, but I can't believe it would have a 40/35 stat. Paladins are supposed to get the best weapon in the game, but I doubt there are any weapons with better than a 1.000 damage average (and if there were, Brad wouldn't mention it). I'm also hoping it will be 1hs (I just like them better).

Adventurers, you have your arrow. Miragul's sanctuary may not be in yet, but if a Picture of the gate can be taken, then it is possible it will be put in. And if it is put in, imagine the loot that is inside. A dungeon that hasn't even been discovered yet may yield items better than Plane Gear. And that mythical Green Splinted mail may be in there as well.

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posted 12-03-99 08:58 PM           
actually FrozenRain why would they just list all the zones? Whats the fun in that..if we can't find a secret zone and hog it all to ourselves. Anyway don't they want us to explore? Also it wouldn't fit in some peoples views of roleplaying if they new every zone that existed..or something like that

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posted 12-03-99 09:12 PM           
It is possible that all the zones are not listed in the directory because they stand for more than one zone. It is quite possible each city has it's own program in the directory. Another thing for people to look for. Also, look for programs that seem larger than they should be (hidden zones so to speak).

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posted 12-03-99 10:11 PM           
About Everfrost and the Erudin Sanctuary.

If you swim in to the network of caves under the north end of the frozen river, there is an NPC caster of sometype. He coned red to me at about 15 and I have never been back.

This moderatly decorated network of caves has the caster, and a house with 3 skeletons guarding an part of the Tarton's Wheel quest.

What is beyond that caster and what else lies in this small maze?

Glom Fyrestormm 24th wizard

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posted 12-03-99 10:49 PM           

I think it is so cool that EverQuest has so many rumors and such.
Mazes, secret zones, intense and involved quests. I like to think that all these things exist because it really adds a lot of character to the game.

One thing I WOULD like to see is that if someone DOES find the Fiery Avenger they DON'T immediately go to a spoiler site and get it posted (Although I hope that the spoiler sites would have the sense not to post the quests).

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posted 12-04-99 01:38 AM           
I don't know much about these quests but i did overhear my guild talking about the fiery avenger quest and they was saying that you needed items off the dragons in the game liek vox,nagafen, and that crystaline dragon in the skyplane.

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posted 12-04-99 04:11 AM           
Hey, I was looking at the message that read:
This should help dispell some of those rumors.
All of the rumors about a new zone are NOT TRUE. All the zones that are in the game are in your Everquest Directory. Go to and and look at all the zones. None of them are new. There is no zone under Ak'anon, Blackborrow or other zones. Sorry! Maybe this things will be expanded upon in the Expanion or by some Admin.

Look in your EQ directory, you should see these files:


various "airplane" files

Which says 2 things:
1. There might be a Ak'anon zone. (Read: there is.)
2. If you have ever done a GM list, their location could be "Airplane" and _your_ copy of EQ has the ability to show the "Airplane."

Anybody know a GM well enough to get them to teleport you into the "Airplane?" Take screenshots.

Matt Mattern

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posted 12-04-99 06:39 PM           
Hmm I wish I knew a GM well enough for that, unfortunately they would probably get fired(maybe baned, who knows)if they did something like that. I mean, they themselves could post the screenshots of the air plane here but they can't. I bet most if not all of these rumors are for some quests but the quests probably are not in yet because Verant just didn't have the time to put them in and they just put in rumors for one reason or another. One possible example is the Barbarian and Ogre warriors in that pub by the FP docks. Hail the bartender first and he'll tell you some stuff about some quest and in that he mentions a name of an Ogre. Go hail the ogre by the bar and ask him about the other ogre guy. He will tell you some stuff and then he'll go on talking about how he got banished from Oggok and then he'll talk about his boat. The quest has an interesting enough story but doesnt go anywhere. If I hail the Barbarian warrior(female)and ask her about that boat then she'll tell you something about Kunark. I found this months ago and it doesn't seem to go anywhere. They probably didn't finish the quest and so it might be the same with the other quests.

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posted 12-04-99 07:08 PM           
I heard that someone spotted an Air Plane Teleport spell in Erudin. Not sure if it would still be there, but it's worth looking around.

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posted 12-04-99 07:32 PM           
Yes airplane was sold in stores right after release.... because reaserch was not implemented an all spells weres tore bought, from burst of flame to ice-comet. ahhh.... those were the days... Never haveing to ice giant after ice giant just to get those damn runes and words. Well... those were the days.

Also.. the cave under the ice could very well be miragruls lair, as it is in check with his story, and is in a pretty damn hard place to get... and many stories do confirm this, as I had a friend get his lvl 15 warrior vaporized in one spell (and he was buffed by a druid and had over 500 health... almost 600). That was one butch spell to do that much damage... on par with wiz's/mage lvl 44 spells. And if my friends story is correct it was a erudite... but his anme was not miragrul... or miragrul's lich... but this does not mean miragrul's lich is not deeper into the cave.

Also is it just me? or is allziesaur one wuss of a lvl 53 mob.. I mean 137 a hit... theres gaurds in qeynos who hit more then that. lt. arathur for example hits for -250

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posted 12-04-99 07:52 PM           
Two reasons why Alis would be a wuss: he's hard to find (even if you have a map of OOT, you could get lost and drown, or be attacked by Megalodon ). And he drops, (drumroll please), Lizard Meat! Ooooooh! 9cp from a merchant! Hurray!

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posted 12-04-99 08:36 PM           
here is just a thought. look at the cover of the EQ box. notice the small red drgon sitting on a rock no conceerned by anything around him. is it just a drake or could there possibly be some good dragons. also notice the gnomes and the arrow machine. maybe some undiscovered tinkering item probably not but it is on the box.

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posted 12-04-99 09:22 PM           
I believe that Dragon is a Fire Summoning. Believable since there is an Erudite standing next to it. Wish Summonings looked like that in the game.

Another thought on Alis: could he be easy because he is actually easy to find (yeah I'm contradicting myself). How many 53 mobs do you know that run around in the middle of a zone (yeah Sir Lucan, but no one cares about him except Paladins)? What does it take to travel from island to island (Lev and a SOW)? I'm surprised he isn't killed more often (probably since few people may know about him). Perhaps if Verant gave him better loot (?Dino Teeth, Saurian Vest?), they could justify making him more powerful.

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posted 12-04-99 11:16 PM           
the reason is ay he is a wuss... is because I have actually camped him before. he is currently one of the best sources for high lvl reaserch items, and a well balanced group of high 40's can take him with little trouble if they know what their doing. Wich is why i suggest
1. they make 3-4 more dino's spawnm on the island makeing it a nice little area to atleast relive a few of the higher lvl areas
2. buff of the dino already there.

also it really isnt hard to find the island since you can see it from the boat that goes through OOT. Also today after a quick hunt to OOt with a group to hunt the dino, the ranger in our group picked up megalodon on tracking. after binding to the island, equiping my fish bone earring I went to follow the ranger into the depths to search for the creature (being an enchanter I was there to mez it if we did see it so we could swim back to an island and not die in the abyss) well to make a long story short we swam in circles for 15 mins then gave up and spent another 15 mins looking for the island when i just got tired... said goodbye to the ranger and gated (he did eventually get back to the island).

So megaladon does exist (atleast if the ranger was pulling my chain) and if it does... its one fast mofo.

Also what is the purpose of all the kings in norrath? imagine the loot they might have.

I know for a fact that the dwarf kin kazon stormhammer is in game and is a paladin as i've seen him cast spells... king ak'anon of the gnomes is in game and is an enchanter who loves to cast illusion human. i've seen King Therris thex of the high elves... both the npc and gm controlled version of him, I ehard rumors of the Dark elf king and queen once appearing in neriak... theres sir lucen in freeport... Although he's not a king commander bayle in qeynos and also kane bayle in the sewers. I've seen antonious bayle once, and he smashed a newbie sk for 350+ damage.. so he is no push over.. but havent seen him since.

imagine the loot these guys could give... or a royal assination quest for rouges... *drools* over the possibilities!

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posted 12-05-99 12:00 AM           
Reasons why Miragul will never Die.

If you read the legend, Miragul was a student of all the schools of magic. All though it doesnt actually say it, it means he is a Magician, Wizard, Enchanter, Necromancer and maybe one of the others. I'm sure it really meant the types of casters Erudites can be. Also, Miragul ventured to the Planes to collect research and items, it says so in the story, so you bet you'll find so Fear/Hate gear in his lair. Then again, no one will ever get the gear because they will be dead.

Miragul's Magician Pet hits you for 500 damage!
Miragul Liche hits you with an Ice Comet for 1200 damage!
Miragul Ghost hits you with a lifetap for 700 damage!
You have been charmed by Miragul Ghost!
Miragul Liche's Necro pet hits you for 500 damage!
Miragul Ghost's Enchanter pet hits you for 500 damage!
You have attacked your freind while charmed!
You have been Feared!
You are drowning!

All in the space of 3 seconds.

Ouch. Also, it is a fact that Antonius Bayle hits for around 500, no kidding.

I would love to know where the High Elf royalty are, as well.

About that 'arrow-launching tank' that the gnomes are driving on the cover of the book, I know someone RL who says he met some gnomes who challenged him to a deul and then drove up this tank. Of course he was a barbarian and he said it was more like a short wall with holes in it, and it barely reached up to his waist. He also said he was hit by arrows...for about one damage apeice. The gnomes gave up quickly. Personally, I think the last bit of info is a But I cant personally contradict him, so I shouldnt complain.

My idea about the book certainly got a lot of attention...

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posted 12-05-99 02:57 AM           
heh, I feel compelled to post on this one.

First off,

To the guy commenting on the game box, LOL its a **BOX** buddy, do you buy a box of Lucky CHarms cerial and expect a little green man to pop out?

Everfrost Underwater cave.

It DOES exsist, I swam into the caves about a month ago and explored around. After becoming hopelessly lost I stumbled upon a large room with a weird white box in the middle. Upon exploring the other side of the box i noticed it had a door and no roof, it was also guarded by 2 ice bones skeletons. After killing them i tried to enter the box but was thrown back to the entrance of the box. This is usually a tell tale sign of an unimplemented zone.

Concerning the Air Plane, this is not fact so dont take my words as the truth. But the Air Plane will probably be implemented in the near future, I have reasons to believe this that I will be keeping to myself for the time being.

Never seen Lord Mistmoore or any of the sea monsters. And you can bet on me going to akanon and exploring a bit more.

To everybody who is chattering about items and things being found that blows the plane equipment away.. nuh uh, it aint going to happen. plane gear is and probably will always be the best equipment you can possibly obtain.

Jyleal Dra'kaan
Cleric of the 50th Circle of Light

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posted 12-05-99 08:34 PM           
Personally I think that THE BEST stuff in the game should be quest only, not a hack and slash quest like the rest of them, but a very difficult quest where you solve clues and puzzles and have to connect things together(clues that is). They should make it really hard but not impossible. That would give more meaning to the word Quest in EverQuest. Ofcourse this is just a dream of mine and probably won't happen because Verant thinks their quests system is great.

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posted 12-05-99 11:44 PM           
I can relate to you garydose and I understand fully your frustration. I'd love to have dynamic quests like that.

But you have to understand where Verant is coming from. This is a massively multiplayer game, with about 1500 people on the average server. Its extremely hard to coordinate dynamic quests with clues and special items and npcs. For many different reasons.


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posted 12-06-99 12:01 AM           
Here's something interesting. I don't know anything about this, if it's just worthless information or if it actually has something to do with a quest somewhere, and I won't divulge the details of how I found out, but it seems that the God of the Plague, Bertoxxulous, has some sort of either code or nickname, Dinithnal'ls. I don't know what the means but I'm keeping how I found it to myself in case it does mean anything. I will tell you, though, I was not told by a GM or friend, it was actually an NPC that told me.
Happy huntings
it's probably useless info anyway.

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posted 12-06-99 12:13 AM           
Ok I admit the box thing was a bit farfetched but It was just a thought.

Being a gnome I checked out acknon and found the switch! wow it works. Also if you explore the palace you find a white compass/map thing that has a head that might be a dragon in the midle and an arrow pointed to an E. also has some symbols around the outside hope that helps

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posted 12-06-99 12:54 AM           
This reply is FACT dealing with Miragul

One day in Oasis there was a gm who made all the specters start to moan and shout that the boatman or something like that was coming. I run down to the boat that takes you to Specter Isle and there is a gm names the "Boatman" or something of that effect. I was the first person there =). He asked for a gold coin so I went and sold some raw hide armor to a gypsy. I then walk back to the Boatman and Hail him. I ask him a few questions and maybe two more people arrive. Then we all tell our frieds so it got kind of crowded. Back on the story, however, I started to ask him how to pass from this life into permanant Lichdom. He pauses and emotes that his eyes go dull and fall back into his skull". After about 3 minutes, he returns and says that only Miragul knows how to become a Lich. I then ask (using up several gold coins up until now, selling more Raw Hide) where Miragul is. After a minute long pause or so, he says that Miragul is in the land of Ice. He is about this exact with every question. I go into full roleplay mode and ask INCREDIBLY detailed and fullproof questions and finally he says that I could find him in Velious. I ask him a few more questions but, alas, I have to log off before I find out how I could travel there and when I could. So basically, Miragul cannot be found until the next expansion. Too bad, maybe I'll have to organize a player quest to find out the secret to lichedom... hmmm...

Aallaean of Tallon Zek

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posted 12-06-99 01:12 AM           
Anyone else think that Verant is reading this thread and loveing it?

I bet all these "Unsolved Mysteries of Norrath" (Pictures a Gnome in a trench coat) were intentional and are leading to bigger better things.

For example: There was a rumor a wile back on Bristlebane that a Gnome rouge had been practaceing pick locks on the fire pot in Odus and actually unlocked it.

It was said he was surrounded by the teleport animation and got the "loading please wait" message and was transported to the plain of air(sky?).

Supossedly he was told by the GMs there (I wonder if there is a Godly Tim Hortens in that plane and thats why all the GMs hang out there) to not tell anyone and the pot was dissabled.

After that part things get weird. People said everything from he was given a special item (been told everything from a fiery dagger to special armor that makes him almost invinceable) to that he actually saw Veshaan.

Now if this little rumer gets around just because of a simple locked pot, imagine what else will be said in the future. If Verants smart they will put in NPCs for short durrations to start rumers and then take them out to keep people guessing till the REAL answer comes (No Megladon in OOT Please, I fall off the boat all the time and the last thing I need to see is a Shark the size of Vox swiming towards me =] ).


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posted 12-06-99 11:39 AM           
Hmmmmm... i was witness to a strange event in queynos...... The Koalindl fish pond had a RodcetNife in it.... and some high level dude was talking to it about 5 kinds of fire or something......

and we all know that you can be mauled by the Rare 300 dam hitting fish...... worth investigating?

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posted 12-06-99 02:28 PM           
About Miragul, yeah he's real. Was grouped to fight him. All I'm going to say is that you're group should be 45 + and possibly have 2 full groups. Somewhere in the northlands of Antonica. He dropped a rusty dagger once (lol), but some nice stuff other times. And no, I've never known of another group of folks taking after him aside from the group I was in that one time.


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posted 12-06-99 04:06 PM           
I dont know if anyone mentioned about this, but I sure hope that the Plane of Underfoot is coming with the Paineel download; since the heretics in Paineel supposedly know the loc of Brell Serilis's portal.

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posted 12-06-99 04:21 PM           
Ok this is to lothanos... i am 99.99999% sure you never even seen miragul, let alone kill him. Ok if anyone every saw him every eq site on the web would have pics of him... just like the first vox and nagafen raids. Hell they give server wide messages sometimes when high lvl monsters die... Like brad did when Vox went down the first time. Also I know your bsing since you said that 2 groups of lvl 45+'s took him out. Miragul is a very IMPORTANT character in everquests background story. And since all characters mentioned in the background story are tough as dump trucks I seriously doubt you took him out. As stated before he was a master at all pure casting schools and is the only being in norrath to know how to become a lich. not to mention he explored the planes. To put it short... Miragul's Lich (as miragul's soul is traped in a crystal... anothe reason why i know your lieing) will be on par with a "god" and will put nag and vox to shame.. maybe even innoruuk... but not cazic as he is the most powerful being on norrath right now.

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posted 12-06-99 07:08 PM           
About Allizwesaur: i HAVE seen him, and anyone who wishes may email me, i have screenshots of myself and a friend. He is a giant brown lizard, and he kills all the goblins on the island, he hits for 123 damage, so im assuming he isn't THAT high, atleast he isn't a "super" mob, e.g. Dragon or such. He is HUGE though, when he stands up he is about 1.5 times as tall as a giant, he walks leaning far forward though. Also, i talked to someone in game that killed him with a friend (2 level 50s kileld him easy) and said he was not itemized. anyway, just thought i'd clear that up, he is NOT a rumor. Also, incase you want me to email you, its me (Atmea, the gnome) and Shaere (the human monk) in it, we are on tunare so you can go on and check for yourselves, email is

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posted 12-06-99 11:25 PM           
Man this is a fun thread, can't beleive it hasn't been SOELocked yet. Anywya on to what I was gonna say. Since the entrance to paineel is still there, and it was open in beta (wasn't it?) don't remember phases. It would lead me to assume atleast a few people would have snagged some beta pics of it.

As for Allizesauraus, with the new clipping plane adjustment if you have it set all the way out, you can easily (and often I might add) see him from the boat as you ride back from Butcher. Merely looked off to the portside (thats left isnt it?).

Heres another lil bit many people over look. Ever notice the programmers enjoy a backwards sense of humor? Like these:

Qeynos = Sony EQ
Allizetaeew (Faction for Cazic Lizzies) =
Wee Ate Zilla
Allizevoleew (another faction= Wee Love Zilla

These are just a few of the ones I noticed perhpas you have some to post as well?

As for the spinning star in Ak'non, I've seen several items (all bags) in various zones, that when I attempted to pick them up the "wooden door opening" sound was played, adn clicked again the closed door sound was heard. Just more fuel for the fire.

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posted 12-07-99 02:49 AM           
First off, this is one of the best threads I have seen, always interesting.

Secondly, it was mentioned that there are two sphynx's in Rathe Mountains that are supposed to give quests. I found one of them by accident when I was just messing around. He conned red/indifferent to me at 20 and had an enchanter pet with him (also red). I cast the level 11 bard song to gain faction with him and was then amiable. Tried to hail him but got no response. Anyone know any more about this?

I believe I am going to run to Lake Rathe tomorrow to search for any sea monsters there. Gonna put my stuff in the bank and sacrifice some xp for screenshots =) After that, Everfrost.

Does anyone have any more info about possible high level gnolls in BB? Seems kind of odd that the gnolls there are a little weaker then the ones in Paw but I have never seen a named gnoll to lead them, and commanders and high shamans are pretty weak.


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posted 12-07-99 03:40 AM           
in BB you can find Tranixx Darkpaw...who I belive is about level 20...I also heard that there is some other spawn there. Never killed Tranix...for I never seen him since level 14 or no idea of the loot.

Glorfindel Ramaverde
follower of Tunare

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posted 12-07-99 05:34 AM           

Well now...this by far is the most interesting stuff I've read about in EQ a long time. I have a few possible ideas about some stuff which is either extremely well hidden, or yet to be implemented. Overall, I suppose the one thing which can be said is that Verant is not planning on painting itself into any corners by limiting what's been "discovered" (IE How Kunark will be discovered/colonized/etc for the expansion)

1)Miragul's "Lair"
I completely agree earlier that the odd device found under the ice of Everfrost is a broken teleporter to some as of yet obvious unimplemented place. The caster found down there was most likely a sentry, albeit a weak one for someone of Miragul's power. However, why Miragul would need a sentry is beyond me. Perhaps it's merely an overzealous fan of him, or a spawn to ward of curious lower levels. At any rate, if this is ever implemented, I imagine one of two things. 1) It'll lead to some piece of land added to the Everfrost zone, but inaccessable in every way except the teleporter. It would most likely have to be entirely indoors, otherwise snow would play a factor, as would OOCs from people looking for binds in Halas...hehe. 2)It'll lead to a completely new zone, filled with nastiness.
Miragul probably wouldn't warrent his own plane, but it could be a bizarre "land" that bent to his will. Something similar to Mistmoore, only more bizarre, and certainly much more dangerous. Most likely a place that would (or should) be as difficult as a plane. Of course, Miragul himself would rule over the place, and probably wouldn't bother with the petty mortals until one was foolish enough to cross him.

2) The Clockwork Dragon and other Gnomish Oddities. Well, if anyone recalls the History of Norrath from the instruction book(remember that story you read while running the EQ installation? Good! Hehe)it mentions that Brell Serilis created the Plane of Underfoot, with which he seeded his creations and sealed "his portal within a labyrinthine of mystical Living Stone". To me, "Living Stone" a dungeon populated with Golems and other such creatures. These would protect the entrance to the PoU, (or PU for the comedians out there) as spectres and the like protect the entrance to PoF. Or perhaps this would be an entirely new dungeon, where the Clockwork Dragon could be found, assuming it is still in the game. I would imagine someone high in the hierchy of Ak'Anon could have easily put the Dragon away there. This is assuming the story of the dragon continues to be he was "refurbished" by the gnomes. I haven't been to Ak'anon in RL months, but I do remember a few watery caves there. Most notably was one which followed a drop from a waterfall at the end of the town. From there, the only way was down....but there was no way I could tell how deep, and without the aide of water breathing I quickly turned away. Of course, hiding a dragon directly under the city, meaning in the zone, seems a bit odd to me. Of course, that mysterious door people hear opening could lead to a zone back into Steamfont Mtns, however, deep under the surface. Deep enough where people couldn't "hear" "A Clockwork Dragon begins to cast a spell" when it buffed itself. But I digress.

3)The Fiery Avenger.
This I don't know too much about, and won't pretend to, but I find the piece of (unconfirmed) information that it "Starts with a favor" most interesting. It is quite possible to have left one small stone unturned, despite the amount of people playing. I seriously doubt the quest starts off with someone wielding a huge flaming sword asking if "You'd [desire] a [flaming sword] like mine?" Who knows after all....maybe some sort of item from Vox is need to cool the sword while it's being made, and some item from Na***en is needed to give it that lovely glow. Or the dragons could have absolutley nothing to do with it.

4)Sea/Lake Monsters
Well, if in OOT does exist, I imagine there's a few ways to narrow down the search, or at least get a better idea if it's possible to exist. All the information thus far seems to suggest that it's a roaming creature. If it roams throughout the entire OOT, it must be timed very carefully so that some poor sap on the boat never sees "Medalodon bites YOU for XXX points of damage". That'd be rather difficult to explain if it is some sort of sercret. If it was out there, it may simply spawn on one side of the ships path and swim near the way off islands (such as Alis's island which although visible from the boat, isn't quite so close). After a while, it spawns on the other side doing the same. There's a lot of seeming empty space out in the OOT, and I've never heard of someone just swimming around the whole thing. Levitate is no good unless you can track, of course...unless you get lucky and it smacks you out of the sky. Hehe.

As for a Lake Rathe beast being in the game currently, I am most skeptical. Although I've never explored the underwater caves, I do believe there is a small city or castle or somesort for the goblins down there. Once again, I haven't been, nor do I know anyone who has....

5)Random Tidbits
-Someone mentioned how Allisewuar (who I'd like to butcher as badly as I just did the name) killed the gnolls on his island. Makes you wonder as to what they're doing there. Sacrificial gnolls perhaps? You'd think the lizardmen would be out there worshipping him. Also, there is sort of temple on the island? Sounds like someone is keeping Alis "alive" for a reason.
-The Sphinxes. I had the chance to see both Sphinxes a long, long time ago. In fact, I nearly ran straight into Ankh who conned aggro. Later, on a whim, I tracked down Zaza to whom I conned either dubious or apprehensive. Not wanting to push my luck, I didn't bother hailing only to be wiped out in one swipe and having my corpse rot beneath it. I haven't been to the Sphinxes since, but perhaps I should drop in for a spell. I've heard one gives the quest to kill the other, but whether this plays a part in a larger scheme remains unknown.
-Those odd little egyptian totems.
I may just be uninformed on this topic, but I have no clue as to what those totems are. They're sandy in color, usually slightly tilted, with small steps leading up to them. Everyone must have passed one at some point or another since they're everywhere. For instance, there's one near the coast in NRO/Oasis border I believe. One in Nektulos which the halflings are standing on. One in Lake Rathe, and another in the Rathe Mtns which is surrounded by Ankh's(the aforementioned Sphinx)scarab beetles.

Well, I've certainly gone on long enough. Any comments and such are welcome. Good adventuring to you all! May we someday solve these little mysteries....
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posted 12-07-99 06:54 AM           
If you think that is weird, check this, I was hunting in Oasis 3 days ago. And someone OOC's: Hey people, do /who all GM, we did, and it said: [198 Unknown](Unknown)ZONE:
now.. this was certainly some of the HIGH Guides like Hideaki and the sort.( Now I know why Hideaki could solo ALL High Level zones by himself.) After that we joked around a little and strange shoutes were heard like: Level 200 Shaman looking for group.

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posted 12-07-99 08:48 AM           
If you hunt for Lower BB you will not find it. A few friends and myself tried to find it in Beta 4 and release, never to be discovered again. It would be a waste of time for you.

The Paineel Zone has never been opened to my knowledge. We tried going there every phase of beta.

I have seen Plane of Air myself. Pretty much it looks odd, and very dangerous. Cause of mobs? No! Cause it looks like you can fall off the side! Looks like several floating islands, rocky like.

I got summoned there by accident in beta. Supposedly, you will be able to fight the GM's there, since I didn't see any baddies around, I believe that to be true.

The oddest part of this is I saw a few gnomes, and these weird looking 'mechanical' houses. Dunno if the gnomes were GM's or not. The GM that summoned me gave me a potion and told me to use it fast. Course I looked around for about 5 seconds before doing so.

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posted 12-07-99 01:17 PM           
This is perhaps the best thread I've ever read. It's so good, I'm kind of playing around with the idea of putting up a page specifically to keep track of the differnt mysteries and keep track of new info as it comes in. I'd also monitor it to make sure that once a mystery is solved only the important facts were posted and it didn't just become a spoiler site. ie. 'It has now been proven by RandomGuy on Somegod server that there is indeed a clockwork dragon in a hidden zone somewhere in Ak'anon' and maybe a few clues as to how to find it, but not to just come out and say how to get to it.

I think this could be a great thing for players who get bored or are looking for an extra dimension to their questing, and for those who just like a good mystery. How about it? If anyone gives me a kick I'll probably start making it tonight.

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