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posted 12-24-1999 02:37 AM           
Being a big Kerran Activist I spend a lot of time on the island, one time while on a visit just exploring and checking out the sights, I looked up in the sky and saw what looked like a tiled floor doorway thingie, it was probably just a bug though, but those who are going to be near the area should check it out. Also on the other side of the heretic necro island there is a one of those boats that you see on Star Trek Insurrection but you can't use it, it's in the middle of nowhere, and I refuse to believe there is something that does not have a purpose.

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posted 12-24-1999 03:20 AM           
If you kill the "royal fish" in Lake Rathe, Princess Lenya Thex will appear. Did this the other day. Didnt have enough faction for here to speak to me though. You need good faction with the paladin and cleric guilds I believe.

Eliak Quickblade

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posted 12-24-1999 01:05 PM           
My observations reguarding said mysteries:

Aalyn, the boat is named a Catermaran(not sure of SP).I myself was suprised it wasn't a working boat,it very could have been made one.

Princess Lenya used to be in HHK for the dagger of Thex quest (I did the quest about a week before they nerfed it,and have her note). She now is a triggered spawn in Lake Rathe.

Prexus IS a giant merman as described, I have not seen him, but if you find the handbooks, all the official drawings of him have him being a merman, with trident and shield.

As to the comment about the hgih lvl equiptment in Kunark making Plane gear obsolete, why do you think the PoA isn't patched yet, gm's will tell you the creatures arn't ready. That is because PoA will reflect new Kunark skill cap, and have things for 50-75 lvls. Just watch, I betcha this is the way it'll happen, makes no sense releaseing PoA when it'll be a "weak" zone compared to Kunark in 3 months.

As for the non-moving star in Ak'Anon, a few questions surround it:
1)Does it open a door (clould it open something else, or trigger something else)
2)If it opens something is that omething in town, or somewhere else in the world (Now I believe the coding on it opening a door in another town would be hard, but it could happen. If anyone gets a chance to try the star with a friend, have one person in qeynos looking at the Ak'Anon clock when you turn the star)

There are two doors in BlackBurrow that cannot be opened, at least as far as I have seen, one in the snake pit and one near it going off a split off of a ramp.

Personal mystery here, I'm sure someone know the answer to this one, the Polished Brass key, what is it for?(off Garnal Rucksak in Unrest)

The firepots may have just been a lag issue, we prolly all have saw a mob or player running into a wall and dissapear just becuase we lagged, they actualy changed direction, not disappeared.

Also, for more info on shadowed men, talk to Hasten(part of the JBOOT quest). You can talk to him at any lvl, thought the boot quest requires higher lvls, he is interesting to talk to.

Hmm, another underwater zone, a way to get to Paineel. Do ya see The Vastly Deep on the map? I wonder.......

and for anyone looking for rubicite it still is occasionaly dropped, in gm quest (I have confimation of a GM on the fact it DOES happen, though only high lvl mob quests)

Last mystery for now, is station going to let this post just fill til it locks and CAN'T be posted to because of coding?

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Look in-game for Aalyn, Head Seeker of Knowledge, or myself,

Oath Hipacraticus

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posted 12-24-1999 04:44 PM           
I was recently in Ak'Anon with my guild and we were serching for the hidden door. I found to things one the time it takes for any regular door to close by itself after being opend is 11 sec, the time it takes for the star to right itself after being clicked is 11 sec and right after it rights itself you can click on it again and hear the door open. To me this would sugjest that the door is in the zone somewere and 1) you need two poeple to find this door, or 2) you need to find and enter it in the 11 sec.

Another thing is that a guild mate of myn petitioned a gm about it. The lead GM replyied. He told us that even the gm's have not been told this secret and he helped us look for it for about 25 min.

Ranger of the 17'th path
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Brell Serilis

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posted 12-24-1999 04:55 PM           
Heres one for you all to check out

In qeynos hills by the rock that points towards the city. You may have noticed a particular point where an odd tune begins to play. Notice how it will only play while you stand in this one spot. Some have said it to be the very first spot to be created in the world of norrath. And although I highly disbelive it, some have claimed it is possible to cast attack spells from this standpoint and not become KOS to the MOB. Very odd if you ask me, but I do not belive that.. although the music surely does play in that spot. Just another interesting thing for you all to take a look into.

happy holidays

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posted 12-24-1999 05:23 PM           
On the Tribunal server at least, King ak'Anon appears to be a minature human. On closer inspection, you can hear him tick! Anyone else agree with my assertion that King Ak'Anon is a clockwork himself?


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posted 12-24-1999 06:37 PM           
I have found something else on the star switch in Ak'Anon.

I realized something while walking through the city: the two star lamps to the left of the one that makes the noise will give the message that you are too far away to move that when you click on it from afar (doesn't work close up). This is the standard message that you get when you try to open a door that is several feet away. Soooo, the question is, what does this mean? I tried to click on them in an order: first the one that makes the noise, then the other two in succession. Nothing happened. It is my belief that it is necessary to click on all three switched at the same time. Anybody willing to try it?

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posted 12-24-1999 09:01 PM           
Ok, a few more things about Ak'Anon today me, Oath and a fellow member of the LoM went searching through Ak'Anon. We found a few things, number 1: At the end of the water's flow there is nothing but one of those enchanter coins. Even opening the switch didn't do anything
2: In the Library Mechanimagica there IS a fake wall that leads to a symbol that all across Norrath, is it possible that this and the switch are connected? Maybe it can be used as a teleporter of some sort?
League of Mysteries, The Royal Norrathian Guard, The Tribunal Server
P.S. slightly who are you in-game and what server?

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posted 12-24-1999 09:01 PM           
I hope someone reads this cause I saw this for myself. in quenos hills if you talk to the man in the house (forgot his name) he will talk about gnolls and such and then if you ask him about the king gnoll (once again forgot his name but its a chain of responses) he tells you that if the king gnoll ever got a hold of his son he would gladly give up
THE GNOLL SLAYER SWORD for the person who kills the king and returns his son. but the thing is is that the king doesnt have his son so theres probably some kind of quest trigger to get the king to kidnapp his son. a
Atleast this is true on povar

also one day when me and my friend where traveling to euridinevia boat he hit f8 and tracked a wierd named fish on his hp bar

also i asked a guid about this and he didnt know about it and i showed another person this in the zone right after quenos hills
(one of the karanas) at the very end of the zone all the way to the right (theres like a undead spawn and a graveyard right by it and a wizy teleporter)if you look across the water to the right, it looks like theres a path leading into the mountains beyond the river. when i tried to swim over to it but got that msg about you going under a world and it teleported me to a safe spot all the way back to quenos hills zone it did this 3 times then i just gave up.

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posted 12-24-1999 11:49 PM           
Getting sucked under the world used to happen in wk near the NK zone in the wataer, but no longer. Two patches ago these"wormholes" were removed, ppl had found out you could use em to skip running the whole length of wk, so they recoded it.

Was the named fish Hastachi? If so you targeted the mysterious flying mermaid of Erud's crossing. I have about a dozen screenshots of her.

As to the gnoll slayer,
Marton Sayor in the cottage in Qeynos Hills is concerned about the safety of his infant son. He says he will give you the gnoll slayer long sword if you help him. Marton mentions a named gnoll named Lord Elgnub who speaks common tongue, and has threatened his family. Well, Lord Elgnub can occasionally be found wandering around blackburrow. He looks like a Splitpaw Gnoll and is approximately level 20. If you kill him you will get a lore/no drop item Baby Joseph Slayer. Take the baby back to his father and the grateful man will give you a Gnoll Slayer sword, which is a 1H slashing, 6/28 lore weapon. Not altogether exciting, but he mentions something about the true potential of the sword. If you inquire further, he mentions there was once an enchantment placed upon a gnolls eye which was embedded in the sword that gave the sword powers to protect against disease and call forth a wolf to fight for you. (Sounds like the scimitar of the Mistwalker). He then says this eye has been stolen, along with the only book that can restore the enchantment and eye to the sword. The thief is a great, one-eyed, white gnoll. He provides no further information and says he's been hunting for this gnoll for a long time.

(Thanks to Allakhazam's site for providing this info)

Now after the LOM finished a short outing today, we discovered that at least the one gm we talked to, DID know about the switch in Ak'Anon, in fact when we walked him there, he turned it a few times and said yeah, I know aobut this thing, but would not elaborate. So we atleast know it IS some sort of puzzle.

Lastly, here is a log clip from a little experiment I did in Ak'Anon:
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:15 1999] You begin your casting.
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:15 1999] King Akanon begins to cast a spell.
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] King Akanon says Cannot open file HelpGuards.txt
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] Your target resisted the Strike spell.
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] Clockwork MX says 'Click.. Tic.. City Violation. Code 5150. This unit is authorized to execute punishment. Please stand still. Thank you.
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] Clockwork MX slashes itself for 32000 points of damage.
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] Clockwork MX has been slain by Clockwork MX!
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] Clockwork MX says 'Clik.. Whirr.. Threat has been suppresed. This unit returning to normal operations.
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] Clockwork MX says 'Bzzzz.. Click.. This unit is terminally damaged. Destruction of city property is a violation of city code 22468. All units shall be notified of your offense..
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] a mechanic says 'Help! Clockworks report to my location!
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] a mechanic says 'Your foul deeds have earned my contempt.'
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] a mechanic slashes herself for 32000 points of damage.
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:16 1999] a mechanic has been slain by a mechanic!
[Fri Dec 24 16:11:17 1999] a mechanic says 'My comrades will avenge my death'

Also, not included in this particular log, is the fact Ak'Anon himself self destructed. I did this several time, most of the time all 3 in the room self destructed, and a clockwork named MM Appeared (by the way, this may be a sick joke on the developers part, MM in roman numerals is 2000, or maybe I just found the Y2K bug!)Either way, a gm is looking into why this happened, beleiveing it to be a bug, not intentional, but we shall see.


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posted 12-24-1999 11:53 PM           
Attention: This has been confirmed! The star turning in Ak'Anon is NOT, I repeat NOT a bug, it is intentional a guide unknowingly said this when stating that he couldn't go in-depth on that. January 8th on The Tribunal server there will be a massive combing of Ak'Anon, so all you people on other servers, join in the fun and make a gnome character for that date, it will start approximately 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time.
Also according to the GM, King Ak'Anon is supposed to be a gnome
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posted 12-25-1999 12:50 AM           
Wow, this is some beast thread. I read like the first two pages and the last.. maybe when I have a day off I'll read the middle bulk of it.

Now, I have had the distinct honor of being murdered by the Allizewsuar while traveling in the OoT. Now, I thought the boat was supposed to be relatively safe, but while traveling on the good ship SirensBane I wandered downstairs only to meet my fate. As soon as I walked in the downstairs chamber of the boat I a little brown thing that looked like a Rancor (seen star wars you know) popped up and smacked me for 130 something and a few 70's. I died pretty damn quick and didn't even have time to turn around.


I came back to the East Freeport docks in an all too familiar naked state and shouted and talked in ooc for help and information on the Allizewsaur. I mean, my body was out there on a boat between freeport and kaladim. I talked to a few level 50's that said "uh, no way in hell, too dangerous.." and no one wanted to drag my body outta there. I hear from one guy that the Allizewsaur is just a bug so I petition a GM.

This was the night about a month ago on Bristlebane when the boats went screwy and GM's had to transport people themselves. I decide to take one of the screwed up boats to OoT to investigate a bit myself and when I zone to OoT I am completely surrounded by raining sky. There is no way to tell what is up or what is down. Just raining gray sky. I ask the GM to teleport me and she brings me to Sister Isle apologizing for the mistakes and even brings my body back. I ask the GM where I was and she says not to worry about it. I don't press the issue.

This "sky only" zone I went to, could it have been the Air Plane or maybe just OoT in a bugged out state? Who is to know.

Also, on a side note... Allizewsaur is or was at the time about the heigth of a Dwarf. Whoever said he was 1.5 times as big as a giant might want to talk to me and the several others that died that night traveling on the boat. One guy even got a screenshot of this little bastard and he's no giant. Barely a midget. Or maybe the boat just rode over his head when he was standing in OoT.. =)

Druid of the 15th season, sometimes 14th on a bad day :/

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posted 12-25-1999 04:31 PM           
Here's another possible mystery:

Underground Crushbone

I was taking a nice rampage through Crushbone when i came across the castle and decided to enter it. When getting clost to the entrance (across the bridge, but not yet to the steps) i came across a the very tip of a healing spell sticking out of the ground right in front of me, sorta like if u were in a house (Unrest perhaps) and someone in the floor below u cast a spell. But the really odd this is, it was pulsating like a bard song, but the bard healing song doesnt go upward, but in a circle around the person. I tried lookin for some sort of entrance in the blood pool and in the water nearby. I checked back a few days later and the blue stuff was gone, and a few days later back again, leaving me to believe it was some sort of NPC or a character down there moving around.

Doladar Ravenclaw
21st, oops, now 20th Monk
Brell Serilis

oh ya, BTW, i didnt see a message sayin "Soandso feels much better" again leaving me to believe it is some sort of bard's song.

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posted 12-25-1999 04:36 PM           
Oh ya... almost forgot. In a completely unrelated topic, the Temple of Life in Qeynos has a lake, and in that lake there are fish, and these fish are, well, sacred to the people around the temple. So i decided to get a new character and kill one (they are relatively low in level) so i found one and attacked it... ouch... talk about a mean fish, I got smacked for a LOT of damage, in the 200s, I have heard rumors that this was the God Prexus himself embodied into this holy fish. Just a thought.

Doladar Ravenclaw
21st, oops, 20th Monk
Brell Serilis

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posted 12-25-1999 05:23 PM           
Ok, first the fish. Those fish are Kolidal fish, and they can easily be killed by a first lvl character, you must have got attacked by a temple person(as killing one of the fish makes you instantly kos with them). Every enchanter worth his salt knows about these fish, they are part of the Stein of Moggok quest. also killing them gives you bad faction with RODCET NIFE HIMSELF.

The Allwisasaur is huge, look out to the left from the deck off the boat comming from Butcherblock after the first stop, you will prolly see him roaming the island, he looks like an iguana (actualy, my personal thought is that they modeled this thing after the most recent Godzilla movie), and I beleive it when you say it offed you that fast, the thing is as dangerous as a POD.


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posted 12-25-1999 06:04 PM           
No, it was NOT one of the guards there that attacked me, i remember it clearly that i checked back to see if it was one, it said something like:

Auto-attack on.
You try to slash a Koladil (whatever they're called) but miss!
A (whatever it's called) hits YOU for 200sumthin points of damage.

I was dumbfounded, Im now afraid to go there even with my regualar character.

Doladar Ravenclaw
21st, oops, now 20th Monk
Brell Serilis

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posted 12-25-1999 06:28 PM           
wanna see something real weird? go to the 3 spawn tower in lake rathe, around the flame is some weird symbols, look closer and you can see that the symbols are dungeon symbols, i cant remember exactly, but theres the symbol from paw, cb, runnyeye, and two others..........and i think ive seen this thing other places i just cant remember where

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posted 12-25-1999 09:21 PM           
About the Koalindl: they are extremely sacred to Rodcet Nife. If you kill one, you might as well forget about being excepted anywhere in Qeynos again. Some people have said they were instantly killed by a spell after killing a fish. About it hitting for 200, one fish is extremely powerful. Sometimes you run into this fish, sometimes you don't. It's rumored that this fish is Rodcet Nife himself, but I think it is also possible that Rodcet Nife has buffed this fish the same way that the Necros have buffed the Skeletons in the Mines of Malfunction. If there are any guilds out there that don't care about their Qeynos faction, hunting this fish might lead to one of the Greatest mysteries of Norrath.

P.S. Aalyn, my main server is Brell, but I have a few characters on the Tribunal. I'm going out of town for a couple of weeks though, so I'll get back to you on it when I come back home.

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posted 12-25-1999 10:50 PM           

About the gnoll sword: there is a "petrified/preserved gnoll eye" or somesuch. I dont know if its BB or Paw. Its an okay item in itself, i think it gives a few charges of Sight. Maybe this is the thing?

Since Crushbone is about the absolutely most popular zone in Norrath I think any underground portions would have been discovered. Not saying it wouldnt be awesome, having a new part of CB. There are no Bard orcs though. I beleive the Oracles sare shamans. I guess it could be a non-orc though.

The "Falling through the sky" effect happened to me when I was Feared (the fear spell was cast on me) and I ran into a wall and pushed agaist the wall till I went through it and all these numbers popped up about loc. It appeared that I was in fact standing on the sun, in that there was no other sun and it was bright yellow. I gated and never bothered petitioning because I wasted my petition on helping a freind who had been feared and couldnt find his corpse

Back to the Crushbone mystery, there is no known exit from the blood fountain. I've swum around in there a while and couldnt find a thing. There are no trapdoors in the castle or tower and the mines are fully explored. Its a pretty small zone after all. Some possible locations for weird things are:
The Fire Huts: why would there be a hut that was full of buring logs?
The Slaver House: Theres all kinds of stuff on the walls.
**The Lake near the Slaver house: Its very deep and very dark. I am pretty good in swimming and (at lvl 60ish in swimming) could only breathe long enough to touch the bottom and come back up. There could be any manner of underwater caves.
The Wells: there are many wells all over that zone. I dunno?
**Retlon Brenclog's pit: There is a deep pit in the slave pit near the 2nd bridge from the caslte. This pit is full of boulders and some normal slaves spawn here. Also Retlon Brenclog, a named magician gnome slave spawns here. He is mean and slaughters the zone because he is lvl 15ish and people are stupid enough to attack him (he is not KoS). It just looks suspicious with all these boulders in this unusually deep pit, and there seems to be a square cut into the rock that may be a door.

I put a "*" next to the spots I thought needed exploring. The only reason I spent so much time here was the fact that all the slaves in CB are DIGGING. Digging what?...for what? They have mining picks, all of them. They dig in the mines, but they also dig near the caslte which is why I think there may have been a *cave in* and maybe the slave is trapped there. Maybe it is a bard slave, or an orc slaver of some kind. Maybe it is a *dark elf entry tunnel*. The DEs and Orcs and Trolls are plotting to wipe out the Ogres, its all a long story. D'Vinn might be using this for an escape? Anyone remember the event where the whole D'Vinn clan came? How did they get there? (no I wasnt AT the event but I remember hearing of it and saw screenshots).

Crushbone is a newbie zone and I think newbies are the ones who need some intrigue to keep them interested in the game. No, killing 5000 orcs in a row is not fun, running every time you hear a "DVINN" shout is not fun. the zone needs somethin like that.

I just remembered up in this thread someone cites a quest with a portal that transports them to CB...think about it...

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posted 12-25-1999 11:07 PM           
I was the person that made the post about the teleporter to CB from Neriak. I myself just gleaned it off CoN a few weeks ago and didnt believe myself. But now with these posts about tunnels and weird spell effects under CB there may be some truth to it. Here I copied the post about the quest for a teleport from Neriak to CB :

"It's funny the things they don't mention in patches. Ok after doing that orc runner quest a few times, a new quest shows up.
It's about the upcoming invasion of kelethin and the secret dark elf army gathering. go speak to so and so for more details.

so you have to head off to one of the guilds (you figure it out) and find a recently added npc who gives you the invasion plans. but first you have to prove your worth by running an errand to a another dark elf npc in southern ro.

once this is done, the plans are yours and you will now be allowed to enter the secret door behind the npc. note you cannot enter this tunnel without the plans.

at the end of the tunnel are two dark elf guards and a teleporter. do not attempt to get on the the teleporter right away or the guards will take you out (double attacks, kick, and bash in one round yikes). you have to hail the guard on the right in which he gives you a riddle.

the answer has to do with the history of nerriak and it took us a couple days to figure this one out.

when the correct answer is given and you step on to the telport, guess where you now appear in crush?

this was a toughy."

Now, it seems we have some seemingly different mysteries coming together. The secret passages and rooms in Neriak could be where this so called teleporter is. Also this room could contain the firepot that works as a teleporter in game right now. Also the weird spell effects you saw sounds like the Gate or teleport spell effects! Think about it , we could be on the verge of a great discovery. That could very well be the teleporter between Neriak and CB used to attack kelethin in a Dark Elven assault. I myself dont have a high lvl DE char but i implore anyone that does (especially wizards who can teleport or ench that can easily raise faction through alliance) to seek these things out. One of the greatest mysteries of Norrath may be discovered in a short time!

-Aaredor Mistwalker

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posted 12-25-1999 11:12 PM           

After you get the gnoll slayer the person says that you it will be enchanted with an eye from a white one-eyed gnoll. An undead gnoll probobly. With the new splitpaw im sure theres ALOT that were missing.

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posted 12-25-1999 11:36 PM           

Wow, ok, now, everyone who reads this board, email the admins(like I already have) to get them to tell us SOMTHING about this, are they looking at it? Are they ignoring it? Are they unaware of it? I kinda want to have SOME answer.


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posted 12-26-1999 01:58 AM           
This is one thing I don't think many people have ever noticed.

Everyone is allways talking about how if you kill those fish in Qeynos you lose faction with the god Rodcent Nife (Or who ever, its a goody goody god).

BUT has anyone ever noticed when you kill the bandits in Greater Faydark (and maybey Lesser fay too, don't know because I definatly dont kill the bandits anymore) that you lose faction with "Fizzlethorp". Well you know what that full name actually is "Fizzlethorp Bristlebane", takeing out those bandits (Wich seems to be a favorite pass time in GFay) is pissing off the god of Theives. I never made the conection until I was in Rivervale speeking with an NPC and it mentioned bristlebanes full name.

I would have to say that ALOT of Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes best be avoiding any apearence of Bristlebane anytime soon.

Personally I don't want to tick off any god so Im allways searching for those different mobs that tick of gods if they die. Ive only found the Bandits and the Fish so far, I wonder how many more are out there?


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posted 12-26-1999 11:45 AM           
The koalindl is Rodcet nife.... the one that hits for 200

i mentioned this way on page one...

but noone cares.. you can speak to it....

it talks

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posted 12-26-1999 02:07 PM           
Bah, my fault, it wasnt the water god it was Rodcet Nife not Prexus... sorry bout that.

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posted 12-26-1999 02:07 PM           
I'm pretty sure that Fizzlethorpe is the bodyguard of the Rogue leader in Freeport. I could be wrong, because I made this connection after I read that the Nybright sisters went bad after taking a trip to Freeport. Fizzlethorpe is a Halfling (kinda funny since he's supposed to be a bodyguard), and several time I've seen him standing around the streets of Freeport. Not sure if someone with SoW triggers him but doesn't realize it and by the time he gets out of the rogue guild the person has zoned.

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posted 12-26-1999 05:56 PM           
Info on a few things:

The NPC in the Everfrost tunnel, with the broken teleporter is listed on EQAtlas as "Sulon McMoor"... so it's not Miragul, as several people have already pointed out.

Not related to anything anyone else has said, but 4-5 times now I've gotten the message, in blue text, "You get the feeling something is watching you". Anyone know what causes this? invisible npcs/pcs or what?

related to boats/seamonsters- it seems that recently the code was patched so that if you're on a boat and you hit F8 (select nearest hostile) you get the name of the boat itself. HOWEVER, previous to this, while travelling Erud's crossing as a low-level wizard, I got waxed by a creatue that did 3 digit damage and showed up on F8/text as "Seaking". being new at the time I figured this was common, so I didn;t ask anyone about it (lost my corpse though, ugh).

While swimming around under the dock in Qeynos I clicked on the cattail looking aquatic plants and they were selectable (like a creature/npc) and were called "Seaking". Curious if anyone knows the connection, or if there even IS one? Maybe I was just the victim of a bug (wouldn;t be the first time I got hit by a bug while travelling by boat)

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posted 12-26-1999 06:05 PM           
Ok, a few answers for you. First the boat is names SeaKing, at least one of the two is. So something else is what killed you. (it may have been a fire elemental, this is the most common type to end up agro on the boat in erud's, I got wacked this way twice at lower lvls).

Ok, also about your first comment, just because a sight lists something as one way that doesn't make it the truth. Most sites info is player subbmited and a large amount if it is unverified, meaning anyone who sends it in can say what ever for it to be listed(within reason, most sites have SOME common sense). So just because a site lists it as one was, take this as probable truth at best, not to be believed unless you hear it first hand from another person.


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posted 12-26-1999 10:51 PM           
Love this thread.

One thing has been discussed on Necro boards lately and thats the Scroll of G'Han<sp?>. If you ask one of the SK NPCs in Lodge of the Dead in Neriak 3rd Gate "Who is Innoruuk?" He tells you about a scroll. The Scroll of G'Han, and how they only have part of it, and the other half was stolen by a rogue and is now in the posession of the Koda'Dal in Felwithe. With this scroll, the Teir'Dal are able to be in direct communication with their father...Innoruuk. Anyone know of anything about the Koda'Dal in Felwithe?

Also, the fire pot mystery is constanly being looked into. So far we have gathered that it is simply not in the game yet. It is believed that if/when the dungeon in which Miragul's lich resides is put in the game, this will contain the "key" which is needed to operate these fire pots. They are believed to be teleporters because they are nearly everywhere in the game. I have seen them in The East Commons Tunnel, and in Lesser Faydark, all of them are emblazed with the Teir'Dal symbol. There is a deep deep story to Norrath, and its going to be big when its finally revealed.

Also, the rumors about the FA quest were that you needed 5 dragon scales. Currently, the only NPCs that are dragons or even resemble dragons are Vox, Nag, Dragolich, Shardwing, Alliz, and a new(?) aquatic dragon in Kedge. But you needed 5 scales, a sword container, a soul fire, and an inferno shock spell scroll. Combine and you recieve...? Who knows...its only a rumor.

I think alot of Norraths history will be revealed sooner or later...but Im not a patient person. Like, just what the hell are those steel pillars in North Ro for? Were they supports for a long dead Combine city? The history of Norrath states that Solusek arched the spine of the serpent mountians causing all the plant life to die out from the increased heat. I believe this to be the mountian range that runs along North Ro, through Oasis, and ends in South Ro. I beleive this because it says in the history that the Elven druids fought to keep their forests and rivers alive from the increased heat. And the High elf city of Takish-Hiz fell and the elves were forced to leave Tunaria(Antonica). The city of Takish-Hiz, also known as Befallen dungeon is embedded in these mountians. So what happened to the Combine cities that were supposed to have spanned all across Norrath? Could the steel pillars in Ro be remnants of a great city? Could they not be support pillars but instead towers? And a great combine city is now buried beneath the sands of Ro and Oasis?

Just some mysteries Id love to unravel. Even if there is no big exciting result like a new zone or or whatever, Id just like to know.

-What happened to the Combine Empire?
-Why is it only their weapons remain? Why no Combine armor, or even basic history of Combine? They all seemed to vanish like the people on Roanoak Island.
-What curse befell the Goblins? What were they like before the great war? It said are unable to record their history after the what of their histroy before the curse?
-All of Rallos Zeks creations (ie; giants, trolls, ogres) were all cursed by the other gods. What were these races like before hand? Were they actually semi intelligent? "..and their empire collapsed around them."
Could the ogres and trolls have been quite intelligent and somewhat civilized before their curse?

Does Verant leave these things unanswered just for the players to make up their own story lines, or is it yet another deep mystery? Would be fun to find out.

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Just a quick correction:

Trolls were created by Cazic-Thule, as stated in the manual.

This seems to be a common misconception; during a GM event my troll shaman was called "a child of Rallos Zek" by Laarthik K`Shin. Tsk. They should read up on their Norrathian history.

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Good god has it been 5 hours already! This thread rocks!

I'de like to say a few things about the near the Priests of Life guild (space ship looking thing) in North Qeynos.

1.)I have killed many,many,many of them to complete the Stein of Maggok quest (quiet profitable I might add) and you take a major negative faction hit with the rocet-nife,priests of life, guards of qeynos,merchants etc.... corrupt guards,black borrow goes up. You don't really notice the faction hit the first time you kill one, but if you do it several times, you can get them to kos you all the time (it's easier to lower factoin then raise it) lol

2.)The is only lvl 1, however the paladin that is always floating in the water buffs the fish with high lvl buffs. Some times the are possessed by Rocet-Nife and can hit up in the 3 digit range (has only happened to me once).

3.)loot is just a corpse no drop.

About the Mysteries. Lake Rathe is freshwater, OOT is salt, there could possibly be an under water tunnel connecting the two, could their?

I've only seen one of the two cavern openings in Lake Rathe, I was swimming near the Ogre village (camp whatever)


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This is the coolest thread I ever EVER read! After three months of indifference I'm coming back to EQ =)

Anyhow - here's something that caught my eye posted by DurKhan (1st post, page 7)

Quote -
However! When you kill King Splitpaw (not his actual name, its x Splitpaw, can't remember the first name) Nixx spawns. Nixx is this bad ass Dark Elf Necro. What is odd is before he attacks the person who killed Splitpaw, he says something like "Give me the heart of (something)". About 5 seconds later you are either dead or charmed killing everyone in Paw. I once killed my whole group, another group, and a few stragglers haha. Was sickly fun.
- End Quote

The only heart I have seen in the game (I'm sure there's others) is the heart of D'Vinn - the dark elf that spawns in CB. I know it could be turned in Felwithe for faction (and minor item? - not sure), but could this DE Necro be asking for D'Vinn's heart for a different purpose?

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posted 12-27-1999 06:21 AM           
hehe once I got lost in lesser fay and I ran across a gnome camp (one house with two gnomes with a telescope and one just with a few gnomes) outside was a weird looking statue and another gnome. Will this was a brand new char I maid and I was soo completly lost that decided to commet suicide to respawn in elf city. so far nothing new this kind of stuff happens all the time. the wierd thing is is that when i pressed attack on one of the gnomes it gave out a fire goblin war song (somthing about burning in fire and the fire goblins shall be kill you)

Just why would gnomes say this? I dont know if it was just a minor scripting bug or what but I know it wierded me out.

Another thing that I've always wanted to know
(as apposed to almost everyone else i know) as your coming down the ramp from hh theres like 2 or 3 towers and 3 or 4 huge stone carvings on the side of the mountain of laimeas (i dont know how to spell that) and whatnot what are these for and do they play any role in the game whatsoever. also if you look up in teh ramp from hh theres 3 or 4 stone (what looks like) bridges what are these or is all of this just for decoration?
just a few cool things

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posted 12-27-1999 07:19 AM           
For the person above, another NPC oyu can kill to lower faction is in N ro at the barbarian merchatns, theres a fisherman... something sandfisher, hes knee deep in the water and low lvl, if you kill him you lower faction with the actual god karana.

Also another heart I knoe of comes off of Ambassador Krynn in oggok but it is used for a quest in oggok to get you a VERY nice 2 hand blunt weapon.

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FACT: The sea-monster in Lake wrath was there in beta 3, it was called the Megalodon. I targeted it many times but I did not want to swim out and die thereby losing my items. It WAS there. The Megalodon was never in OOT.
Fact: The Fiery Avenger quest IS in the game,and has been nearly since the beginning of final, although I'll be damned if I can even get it started.
FACT: Mithanial Marr did not drop the Fiery Avenger when he was slain by Innoruk and a Giant Halfling rogue at the end of beta 4 on my server. I was shown all the items he dropped by a first lvl female human warrior (the main character was a dark elf who looted Mithanial's corpse and passed the loot off to another DE while he/she made a 1st lvl human). The human was masquerading as Brad and promissed the weapon as a Gift to the first persson to bring them some booze...but proceeded to insult all those that did, but that is another story. Needless to say that person was an idiot and my point is that it was nto the fiery avenger Cant help you with the dragon bit though sorry )

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About lake rathe monster
I think it is in there cause
last autum about 3 months ago
I sold pair of earring to dark elven cleric
ans she went get some money from oggok
about 15 minutes and he asked me what a hell
was thaty he got just blasted ~600dam and managed to crawl on shore about 50hps left
he did go back to water to see what is look
of monster that blasted her just runned to
zone as fast as she could and was happy to
be alive...

didn't ask mobs name that blasted her tough

Saladara of innoruuk

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posted 12-27-1999 10:00 AM           

The door in the snakepit and the door on the split path are the same door. If you ever get in front a train with the commanders, and try running this way, suddenly as you exit the snakepit and head down the ramp the gnolls beat you there because they can go through this locked door.

Now that someone has brought up this Gnoll Slayer thing, when I think about it, Nixx may have asked for the Eye of soso, not the Heart of soso. I sure wish Paw hadn't changed, I would go have a conversation with Mr. Nixx.

A one eyed gnoll? What about Splintered Claw? I am sure you all know of these evil guy, he kills more people in East Karana than most any other mob. Why is he not itemized? Or maybe he is, and it is a rare drop?

The odd thing about Claw is he has 2 forms. Sometimes he looks like an undead reaver, sometimes he looks like a regular reaver. Anyone know why this is inconsistent?

I have a personal love for the gnolls. Ever since early beta phase 3, when I came across this odd looking giant stone that looked like a wolf head ( I was a level 4 ranger). I went inside and saw people standing around and asked what this place was. One of them said for me to go hide in that big, hollow tree, so I did. I spent 14 hours in the depths of BB trying to get my body. Suprisingly, a very clever ranger, even level 4, can go anywhere he wants in Black Burrow with careful timing.

It was a lot of fun sneaking around, and the highest level player at the time was 12, so not many could go down below.

Back to subject, I love gnoll mysteries, if you know anything else, please post.

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posted 12-27-1999 11:53 AM           
What if this eye and book that are required are the two new ones from Paw? I've seen the eye many times (it sucks stat wise) and I saw someone auctioning a book from Paw yesterday in Freeport, it's +10 int -10 str and some other stats. Just a thought.

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about the gnoll eye:

I doubt this is what ur talkin about, but could it be the preserved splitpaw eye off the tesch mas gnolls outside of paw? just wonderin cuz this is the only eye relating to gnolls i have ever seen...

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posted 12-27-1999 05:04 PM           
Ok all, I have a Preserved Paw eye, and I intend to try to get it with the gnoll slayer as soon as possible. I'll let you know how it comes out.

Does anyone have any more info on the rune in Ak'Anon? It is a white cirle with smaller runes etched around it. Any info reguarding it would help.


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