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posted 12-21-1999 09:09 AM           
MrSmity, In a minute I would like to address some more info from you, but let me start with this (and all this is before Paw update):

Ok, so he blew the Paw secret King's room. I have been going there since beta because so few people knew of it. In this secret room you come up through the underwater cave. This place is a death trap if things start going badly for you, don't even try running.

Anyway, the first room you swim up to leads to 3 other rooms. Left is a few snakes, right is a door and 3 gnoll nobles in a small room, straight is a very small maze like room.

In the room to the right with the 3 nobles, there is a switch on the wall. I have spent hours trying to figure out what it does, it does something, you hear something opening. Any one have any idea?

Ok, back to the larger room straight ahead. And this one has caused many deaths haha! Here you have various gnoll shamans, high shamans, and nobles. Here is where things get tricky, and I think very few people know this. King Splitpaw can be found here, usually in the back corner of this room every now and then. Basicly, Splitpaw is a big puss, not much better than the other High Shaman in the area.

However! When you kill King Splitpaw (not his actual name, its x Splitpaw, can't remember the first name) Nixx spawns. Nixx is this bad ass Dark Elf Necro. What is odd is before he attacks the person who killed Splitpaw, he says something like "Give me the heart of (something)". About 5 seconds later you are either dead or charmed killing everyone in Paw. I once killed my whole group, another group, and a few stragglers haha. Was sickly fun.

Anyway, that is who that Dark Elf is, he spawns as soon as the King dies, who ya'll killed for the RTS.

I really want to know what the switch is, and what it is Nixx wants, cause he gives you a little time to respond, then he gets pissed. As far as a key, I have yet to see it, but there are chests around there i have seen.

I have a personal love for killing gnolls, and would like to unravel any and all mysteries about them. I really want to see Lower Blackburrow again! And yes, talking to a friend he has seen the gnoll King of BB. I sadly didn't, I hauled ass.

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posted 12-21-1999 11:12 AM           
Ahh, I love this thread; I have been following it for quite some time now and it always proves to be an interesting read...

The gnoll you speak of is called Kurrpok Splitpaw, and he carries a ruby pendant which is part of the quest to create the jewelled skull. As you say, Nixx is quite deadly. When I was level 26, I and a level 22 friend I was with managed to kill him, but with barely any fight left in us. As far as I can tell, he carries nothing special. I wonder if he would be amiable to a Dark Elf or other evil race and you could talk to him and get a quest? I am a Ranger of Kelethin, and dark elves and I tend to get on each other's nerves a bit.

I'm interested in the apparent connection between Paw and Blackburrow. I'll have to bring a rogue down there and see if the key is still there now that Paw has seen another gnoll clan move in...

Station Member
posted 12-21-1999 11:39 AM           
Alright, here's what I mistakenly posted in it's own thread.

The original pre-release information for EQ spoke of the 5 dragons of Norrath. As of now there are 3 (Naggy, Vox, and the Dracolich). I'm not sure if the Dracolich counts, but I do remember reading somewhere that the rest of the dragons would be implimented in the expansion pack. Then again, I'm running off what I REMEMBER here, so please don't take my word as law.

Wuladan - Wandering Rogue of Xegony

Station Member
posted 12-21-1999 11:58 AM           
I would love to give you all Info about the PLANE OF AIR but I would get in serious guide trouble if I did (I am talking criminal charges will be laid)

Plzzzz if a guide does tell you something do not give them a source, they will 100% get banned and like I said it is a criminal offence. When joinin the guide program you are put under a Contract to keep all secrets in the game which WE all know. If you REALLY want to know the secrets my only suggestion for you is too join the Guide Program as I did. Thank you and sorry for not giving infomation which I once like you craved!

Station Member
posted 12-21-1999 01:54 PM           

Id like to thank you for clearing the layout of that secret room in PAW up for me. My memmory of the place is quiet bad, because Ive only been there 2 times and that was back in late March early April.

The trap you mentioned was also something I forgot to mention, and I do recall the wizard saying what that trap opens. I vaguely recall him saying it opens a jail cell in there, but Ive never seen any jail cells in PAW.

Also, I wanted to note that during my time in EQ I must have taken like 1000 screenshots and when I get a chance Im going to browse through them all to see If I may have a pic or two of the secret room in PAW and the unopenable room in Blackburrow..

Station Member
posted 12-21-1999 02:30 PM           
I thought I would give my thought on the issue of hidden zones. I have only red the first few HUNDRED posts here (Good god!), so pardon me if another has said this, but the idea of hidden zones dosn't hold too much water. If you look in your Everquest directory there are .s3d and various other files labeled for each zone. I have looked through them before, and unless one was added that I missed, they exactly account for all the zones in the game.

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posted 12-21-1999 02:46 PM           
My 2cp: A "Megalodon" would be a shark like creature. I say this because Megalodon lived about 100 million years ago (I'm talking RL here) and were cousins to shark. But Megalodon were HUGE, about the size of 2 or 3 good sized mobels homes, I believe.

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posted 12-21-1999 02:48 PM           
My 2cp: A "Megalodon" would be a shark like creature. I say this because Megalodon lived about 100 million years ago (I'm talking RL here) and were cousins to shark. But Megalodon were HUGE, about the size of 2 or 3 good sized mobile homes, I believe.

Station Member
posted 12-21-1999 02:50 PM           
My 2cp: A "Megalodon" would be a shark like creature. I say this because Megalodon lived about 100 million years ago (I'm talking RL here) and were cousins to shark. But Megalodon were HUGE, about the size of 2 or 3 good sized mobile homes, I believe.

Station Member
posted 12-21-1999 03:08 PM           
And here's another one for ya...thinking about keys reminded me of this...

Doubtless some of you have at one time or another acquired a "Cracked Glass Key" in Unrest. Where is this used? Is there some locked door deep in the dungeons underneath the house? Is there a chest somewhere that can be opened with it? Does it fit in a lock in a different zone? What seems to relate to a glass key?

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posted 12-21-1999 03:43 PM           
MrSmity, there are several jail cells in Paw. Half of them are traps, that if you are unfortunate to get stuck in, you don't pass GO, don't collect $200, and go straight to hell!, um jail! Same difference.

I fell for one of these traps long ago. Near the zone, there is a rock on the left side. The first person to jump on this rock gets stuck there. Of course this person starts yelling for help, at which time anybody that helps this person by getting close is then gated into a jail cell.

This happened to me, tried helping someone and wound up in a cell with 3 other poeple. A GM happened to be taking amusement to all this and offered to get us out, but we all decided to role-play and figure it out ourselves. I gated to the mouth of Paw, came back in and flipped the switch.

Getting back on subject, I know all the switches for those jail cells, so this is really interesting. If it opens another cell I don't know about, then I got to go find it! Unless I am just forgetting there may be one cell not openable by the switches in same room.

That would really suck! I am glad I never found that trap. You fall into trap, someone else has to come up and fight their way through to pull the noble room switch.

That would suck.

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posted 12-21-1999 04:44 PM           
the plane of sky is very real but not filled with any mobs at this time. my rl friend gets along very well with a gm on our server and had him snap a few pics of this place. you can check them out here at:

under the plane of sky section.. btw plane of sky is accessible only through a spell like the one used to enter hate and im sure there will be some costly item needed to cast the gate to sky just like the one hate uses..

mrsmid my rl friend also knows about this door in bb and far as from what he knew the key in splitpaw has been removed. they felt that when the zone would be implemented they would rather have some sort of quest involved in opening the door, or possibly just leave the door open for all.

king of blackburrow is a very rare and deadly spawn, but it is outside blackburrow from what i recall. note he is also the size of a hill giant, maybe was a gm quest event.i belive eqstratics or eqvault has a picture of him in beta. he was ultra deadly btw and took 2 full groups to take down.

Station Member
posted 12-21-1999 09:49 PM           
I don't know wether or not this is related to the "Clockwork Dragon" or not but if you go into the "Library magica" (or whatever) there is one wall without a door or room conected to that... inside there there is a room don't know whats so good about the room no doors no secret passages just thought it might help someone

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posted 12-22-1999 12:28 AM           
SoulFire has flame.

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posted 12-22-1999 04:57 AM           
Bla got tired of reading after the 5th page so some of this you might have already covered but...

Anyone notice how werewolves speak if you hail them..well since enchanters get werewolf illusion at lvl 44 i imagine they could hail them alot and it would raise skill somehow and they could actually learn the language good enough to understand them...I imagine this could lead to a large quest or something cool about werewolves...only problem is when werewolves spawn they only last about a minute because everyone is seeking the claws so they can get the famed Lupine Claw Gauntlets which I only know of 4 pairs on my server.

Another thing picture of kraken is just a top of an elephant or calf head colored blue I picked it up as soon as i saw the picture.

Any followers of cazic-thule ever hailed him? I figure if hes yur god he wont kill you but im not sure about that.

Another thing with the new gnoll scrolls I've read all of them but what do they meen?
Is it just a history or is it the begging of a gnoll quest involving Torn Ear clan and Old Sp Gnolls (the weak ones hehe)

I also looked at Gazamel's SS showing he had FSS off a keeper..but u notice he doesnt have anything under his mouse can you look at something's stats while not having it under your mouse pointer or is the weapon invis or something

Allizewsaur isnt a pushover like ppl r saying he is. I watched 2 groups of 47-50 kill him about 30 times one day when i was lvl 16. They had some tough problems with him alot because hed eat the necro pets and go after the necros and not the warrior. He has about 20k hps so no two ppl could kill him like some guy said. He was Ice Cometed probably 10 times during battle along with some gravity fluxx's and necro life taps along with a warrior bashing him. He has a very rapid spawn and NO he does not kill the goblins there. I was used to kill the goblins because they gave targeting problems to the casters sometimes getting in alli's way.

Most of the things the guy who started this thread were once in the game but are no longer in it..mayong does NOT spawn or at least not on fennin ro otherwise mistmoore would be much popular than its 20 ppl there on average. I have not seen antonious bale or whatever but i've heard him shouting before in Qeynos during a gm event where 11 gms were but it lagged pretty bad and no it was not the gm wedding that was held 2-3 days ago.

Just thought id throw that in for a time of reading for about 2 hours on a threat

Hippos Pottamus
21 Druid
Fennin Ro

(..Hope you got your xp bar maxed, your gonna kill Lady Vox with us and your going to die alot)

Station Member
posted 12-22-1999 08:23 AM           
I am trying to think about which door is being referenced in Black Burrow. In the snakpit room there is a locked door. Coming from the back room there is a locked door, with a passage to the left of it. This is the same door. If you opened it coming from the back room, you would be in the snakepit, just like if you ran around it using the small left passage.

That is the only locked door I can think of, unless there is a hidden wall or something I don't know of, but I spent most of my life (4 characters actually) in Blackburrow and have pushed and clicked everything trying to find the secret to Blackburrow.

So please, indulge me with the location of this door. I think you may be thinking of the snakepit door though. Opening it would be no real benefit other than running away faster.

Station Member
posted 12-22-1999 10:39 AM           
About Megalodon, he exists, but he's not in the game, he is ONLY in Lake Rathetear, and used to spawn in a cave under one of the islands, he was removed due to pathing problems caused by his size that the programmers could not fix (He'd pop out of the water)ALL OF THE ABOVE IS PROVEN TO BE REAL
About people seeing gods, if the lead GM is on, he can pretty much create any mob he wants to or alter an existing mob to make it look like something as long as the file is in that zone (I.E. there are undead camps in west karana, so Bertoxx was just that model increased in size)
Dragons in Everquest:
Clockwork Dragon+
Veeshan (Not up yet)
* may not count
+ still only rumored

Station Member
posted 12-22-1999 11:35 AM           
Okay, okay, so the Princess of Felwithe isnt a "mystery".

Trying to tie this into Kunark, (this is the RoK board, in case you forgot ) I hope they put some new mysteries on Kunark. For instance, when the first explorers reach an Iksar city/outpost and the Iksar see them, all the Iksar run away with no explaination into tunnels which close behind them. And then the other Iksar give them no explaination, and they do not run away. I'm just rambling here, but you can see the room for development here.

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posted 12-22-1999 12:38 PM           
One is forced to wonder if 300 is the "magically gets its own board" number for posts.

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posted 12-22-1999 04:47 PM           
I am a follower of Mithaniel Marr (I am a Paladin). I was reading through the posts (great sight by the way. It is interesting and exciting), and came across the one about that NPC in Qeynos that tells things about each god. For Mithaniel Marr, she mentions catacombs. Does anyone know which catacombs she is referring to and where they can be found? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

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posted 12-22-1999 05:34 PM           
Qeynos Catacombs. I think it's lvl 10+.

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 08:25 AM           
Yeah right level 10+ it's level 12 down, it's the newbie area for the SKs and Necros and Bertoxx clerics that don't want to leave their guild area, or afriad they'll get lost if they try. It has spawns level 1 (Rats) to level 11/12 (Smugglers) as well as some quests, one starts in Jaggedpine about the sister who's brother is missing, the other starts in Qeynos near the bank about the missing daughter

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 09:37 AM           
Thanks for the info. Now, one last question. I know I might sound dumb but can you tell me how to get into the catacombs (where is the entrance)? I am from Freeport and have only been to Qeynos like twice for just a few minutes. I'm not familiar with the area at all.

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posted 12-23-1999 11:21 AM           
To get to the catacombs, go near the bank. there is a little bridge over a really narrow river. Swim into this river and go down a little. Don't worry your air won't run out. Shortly after going down you'll zone. Actually there's a few ways to get there, but this is the one I use.

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posted 12-23-1999 11:50 AM           
There are several methods to get in the Catacombs. The first is behind a hidden wall in the castle gate (hint: Ivy). The next is in a lake between the Monk guild and Crow's. The third is the bank one. The fourth is near the docks in the water. Those are just the ones I know about though. THere's a fifth one, but I don't suggest you take it.

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posted 12-23-1999 11:53 AM           
Back to the main topic, though, I've begun to wonder why they are letting this post go so long. At first I thought it was because that there was nothing controversial in it (like Kithicor or Rubicite or class imbalance), but perhaps one of these mysteries does have something to do with Kunark!? Didn't someone say that the Clockwork Dragon would be in a Kuanrk dungeon?

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posted 12-23-1999 01:15 PM           
The newest mysteries:
I am on vacation and using a computer at the local library, but I just CAN'T stay away from this discussion!!!!! I haven't been in game to continue by adventures in Neriak, but I do have some new questions:

Considering the content of the thread why hadsn't 1) the thread been closed like so many others when get to this length and 2) ANYONE made any mention that this is the RoK forum and almost NONE of the posts have ANYTHING to do with the expansion.

The new mystery is what have we touched on recently that IS in the new expansion that has lead this thread to continue to exist? Could it be the firepots will be implemented fully or to their potential?? (btw if you solve this and post it on CoN OR Alakazham's I will see to it that you are dealt with harshly!! ) Or maybe the Clockwork Dragon will come out of hiding?? Man EQ has been so much more fun recently wondering if this stuff is in game or we are just nuts.

The last thing I want to point out is there are over 260 posts on this thread and NONE of them are bumps! That is 250+ REAL posts people. This thread stays on top because this is the stuff WE WANT to see. I have had so much fun rp'ing my cleric around in Neriak looking for these answers!! I CAN"T WAIT to get home and continue the search.

See ya in game,
High Priest of Davog'Te

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 01:37 PM           
I have been a faithful reader of this post from it beginings also. And it does amaze me too. I hope this post can keep on going strong myself because every post is very interesting. Also I have seen this post on many other message boards and I hope some people spread it to others as well..

Everyone have a happy holiday, I am off from work for 2 weeks now.

BTW.. The clockwork dragon's evidence is definetly still out there, but as for the dragon himself he is not.. But that doesnt mean his living chamber isn't.. =D

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 02:28 PM           

If I were a big time game producer making an expansion to a game that has a few flaws (crowding) and such, I would want as much positive attention as possible.

This thread gets peoples' minds of camping, kill stealing, over-crowding, and everything else. This is GOOD for Verant, and this thread is picking up momentum. So it really is in their interest to keep it active. Everything here is positive posts, and none are bumps.

This discussion is the kind of environment Verant tried to establish in EQ, people sharing ideas and stories. I think they did a pretty good job myself, just a few flaws.

It is nice to read this thread, no flames,no complaints, just pure mystery and mayhem, heh.

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 02:31 PM           
Here is a new mystery for ya, kind of:

As you pass from East Karana to Highhold, you must traverse a very long ramp. I am sure we are all in sync at this point.

What are those towers for? Or what were they for? The huge carvings in the mountains, who is that? Are they historical figures from Norrath, or just developer pics?

Also, sure wish we knew more about the combine empire.

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 02:46 PM           
The towers were used in a GM event on haloween for our server and they were filled with good NPCs to keep evil people out of HH (A lot of people in Kith keeping them out as well) as there was a DE invasion of the keep. The carvings were made by the giants when they were cursed by the gods (One of the carvings is of Prexus, don't remember the others)

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 05:01 PM           
read earlier on this thread that the plane gear was going to be the most powerful in the game. Now, this is hard to believe. With the level cap being raised to 75, loads of new zones and quests being implemented, I wouldnt be surprised to to find items in the high lvl areas of Kunark that would blow the doors off of the plane stuff. Where else a lvl 75 gunna spend his time, get exp and feel compensated?

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 05:47 PM           
OH i am on somthing big he he i mean gm big this is not bullsh*t eather i will mention a bit since i told it all to a gm and he gav me the littl i can't tell you anything about this or discourgi you from this when i mentioned it to him good sign, thing is there is more to the princess quest then you think. clue word Koda'dal

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 05:48 PM           
Off the subject, but I do think we'll be seeing more Plane Break-ins after the expansion. Some level 57 a year from will be saying something like, "You mean they used to need like 30 people to 'break' into the Planes? How wierd." [Gets his level 55 friends, gets into the Fear Plane with very little problem.]

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 08:24 PM           
I think i've heard someone say 'Koda'dal' or whatever before... im pretty sure it was when i was wandering around the Paladin Guild in Felwithe. Also... the planes will always be broken into by lots of people... as soon as i get level 46, im gonna take Cazik :-)

Riliss Stormseeker

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 09:20 PM           
I think the paladins in Felwithe call themselves Koad'vie, I know I spelled it wrong by that what it sounds like. However, it is likely that that is a High Elf or Dark Elf work. (Tier'dal, Fier'dal, Koad'vie)
I would suggest hailing guildmasters or other relevant NPCs in Felwithe and Neriak. The princess' name is Lenya Thex, incase that was not posted above. Give us some more clues!

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 09:32 PM           
Okkkk lets see here I've studied the picture also and one main observasion the words"a kracken" are to the left of the actual screenshot of the animal or should I say elephant thank you.

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 09:51 PM           
another thing id like to mention is something in the oot, i was on the boat going to faydwer and everyone on the boat noticed a saturn like planet. Ive also seen plane of air pics and i noticed on one of them the saturn planet was back, anyone ever hear about this or heard a name of it? it would be cool if one day a zone was on it

Station Member
posted 12-23-1999 10:52 PM           

I am very interested on the gods of EQ and there appearences on thge planes of Norrath. Ok i am the one who posted about Bertoxxulous and the dagger. We are working on a web page and it will be up in 2-3 days. i will post link then.

I spend most of my life in Norrath researching encounters people have with dieties. Kinda like a Xfile guy you could say. Well i ran into a ooc the other day about someguy seeing a Prexus in the OOT. I thought ide look into it. The guy took a screen and sent it to me. it has yet to cme in but the way Prexus was described it that he was a merman the size of a giant and had a trident in one hand and a wave crested shield in the other. I cant wait to get the screen and ill post it. The funny thing was i thought he was lying until 3 others said they had too seen the ocean lord.

Station Member
posted 12-24-1999 01:57 AM           

You have seen the saturn planet from a boat on OOT? That is very cool, because Ive seen a picture of that planet in PoS pics at EQ stompped. As you did mention also. Has anyone else seen the saturn planet while taking a boat to OOT, I would like to know what direction I should look in on future trips.

Heres another one I thought was a wee bit odd. I know the continent of Odus is rarely ventured but let me tell you, it has some odd mysteries yet to be looked into. I was in route to erudin one day when I happened upon a mermaid who conned blue to me, her name was Hitaki (Or something of the likes, not sure) and she didn't attack . I hailed and she made no comment, and when I killed her I recieved an ogre head; odd.

The second odd occurance in Odus I had was while taking a ship back to Qeynos. I was sitting on the ship enjoying the stars when I was smacked down by a Ghastly Sailor? He conned very red to me and was smacking me for around 85+ with his sword (looked like one of those madmen). Need I say, CR time for me, and I was bound in Rivervale too..

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