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posted 12-14-99 06:28 PM           
and another thing that just came to mind...if you want to find any "hidden zones" such as that dungeon in Aka'non with the clockwork dragon...just check your zone files in your everquest folder- they all have names...i dunno if you consider this a spoiler or if the zones can be named or bundled together by Verant to hide any "hidden zones"

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posted 12-15-99 12:36 AM           
Hmmmm. . . Some interesting things on that god list. But I'm pretty sure that the city of Brell would be Kaladim, since Brell created them first and they seem most devoted to him. The Gnomes were created later, and worship several gods, and have set up temples to a few (Bertoxx and Bristlebane come to mind). Perhaps we've been looking in the wrong place. Perhaps I'm just too tired.

I do think that those things that she says are very interesting. Followers of the Tribunal should go to Freeport? Followers of Errollossi should go to Split Paw? What is the city of no pity?

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posted 12-15-99 08:05 AM           
FYI, I've been to the Plane of Air... rather interesting to fall 10,000 feet to your death.

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posted 12-15-1999 12:42 PM           
About the Fanged Skull Stiletto:

It exists in game, but at this point (to my knowledge) it has only been given out during GM events. It is usable by any class that can pierce. I am a gnome warrior, and I looted one off of "The Keeper", a high level GM controlled Spectre who came to visit us in the Plane of Hate. The GMs were holding an event, and we didn't really want to give up our hard earned foothold in Hate, so we ignored them. The GMs didn't really like our attitude, so they came to us, and died in about 25 seconds =) Anyway, it dropped the FSS, and I wielded it for about 15 minutes until I gave it to the rogue who was there. And yes, I have screenshots of this.

As for it dropping off of any other mob, it's all speculation at this point. Until I see a screenshot of someone looting one off of a mob, I won't believe it.

I can only hope that they add in a clockwork dragon in the expansion... By all rights he should conn amiable to me!

Gazamel Prime
Solusek Ro
50th Gnome Warrior

Station Member
posted 12-15-1999 12:48 PM           
Here are links to my pics of the FSS. I forgot to include them in the above message

Station Member
posted 12-15-1999 03:28 PM           
I would have to go along with the part about the gods since Solusek A ond B are above freeport.

Station Member
posted 12-15-1999 04:29 PM           
1> FACT: The "sea monster" in Lake Rathe was called Megalodon - I PERSONALLY saw it in P2 Beta. FACT: Brad made a post stating that it was removed due to pathing problems in the lake - it kept coming out of the water. FACT: it was a HUGE shark.

Astur il'Ayan

Station Member
posted 12-15-1999 06:26 PM           
Well, my guess on the city with no pity would have to be Neriak.

Station Member
posted 12-15-1999 06:52 PM           
Wow, this post has grown alot. I plan on checking out as much as I can as soon as I finish level 35 hell level. Unfortunately I have bad case of the Flu (y2k bug?)and reading is all I am up for today

Rock on Brave Explorers

Zemn Abane
35 Magi, E'ci

Station Member
posted 12-15-1999 07:23 PM           
To the post above, no the fiery avenger is not the only sword in the game thats well fiery. The Soulfire has been in the game for I don't know how long, but for some time. It's paladin only, and availble through a long quest. It looks extremely badass, although I don't know the stats, I have a few friends that have one. The Fiery Avenger quest isn't yet confirmed, may be broken, or just not in the game yet.

Station Member
posted 12-15-1999 08:46 PM           
I thought of Neriak first as well, but it could also be Felwithe. Last time a looked, High Elves weren't the most warm, caring race around. And what about Ogguk or Grobb? It could be several cities.

Station Member
posted 12-15-1999 08:56 PM           
Hmmm about the gods list, interesting was the one about the jaggedpine caves. Go into the deep caves of the jaggedpine and someone will give you a hand(or something like that). Wonder who she was referring to, I've explored those caves, above and below the water and only interesting thing was Mammoth who is a bit rare. Wonder if she meant him.

Station Member
posted 12-15-1999 10:39 PM           
Ok, the GM advisor for my server, The Tribunal, was on today and I unloaded some questions on him. Note: I didn't log it, so it's paraphrased, don't believe this, ask him yourself, Ignaurus is his name
1. Megalodon was its name, it was taken out due to some pathing problems because of its immense size, however a GM could put it back in if a bunch of lvl 50s asked to try it, he said he was going to mess around with the mob to see if he could get it to work right
2. Clockwork Dragon he knows nothing about
3. Lord Mayong Mistmoore is in game, but can not be reached, "yet"
4. Fanged Skull Stiletto can only be gained through GM events
5. Fiery Avenger and Green Splinted exist but can not be attained
6. Miragul is not a currently existing mob, anywhere, "yet"
7. Kraken was a squid from Earth legends long ago that used to exist, "it would make a pretty good mob though for the new ocean zone between here and Kunark" it is not in-game
Tomorrow I'm gonna start bombing him with expansion questions, so expect to see those posted in its own thread tomorrow or Friday
-Aalyn, The Royal Norrathain Guard
The Tribunal Server
"Home of Sony's finest employees"
"Our GMs are the best of the best of the best, and no, I am not one"

Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 02:08 AM           
I'm not sure how many times I'm going to have to say this. Brad has confirmed that the quest for the Firey Avenger is in game. He has also confirmed that noone has found it in a good deal of time. He then said that they were going to look into making the quest more accessible. To me that would mean it is attainable, just that it's extremely hard to find.

Enchanter of the 4th circle

Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 07:13 AM           
I'm telling you what the GM told me, besides, if Brad is re-writing it he probably took it out until he is done

Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 11:04 AM           
Well, GMs can be wrong. I've heard both sides; a GM saying that it isn't in the game and then another GM who says it is.

And Brad isn't always right either. Alchemy anyone? (And I'm going to hold that argument until the day I quit EQ).

Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 02:18 PM           
Just to further confirm that the Kraken is a hoax, I took a close look at the 'screen shot'. There are definate telltale signs of a cut and past job here. The letter spacing of name is off a bit and here is the clincher: an obvious texture inconsistency around the name floating above the 'MOB'.. just take a look at the name and magnify it a bit and its easy to see. I have compared this with various other screenshots and none have any texture inconsistency by the name of the MOB.

Zemn Abane

Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 05:30 PM           
Well, as for a high level Ranger sword...

I was runnin round EC a few weeks back when somone started auctioning a GCT. Of course I asked what it was. She replied that it was a Glowing Claymore of Tunare. 35/50, +9 wis +9 Cha Effect: Charm, PAL, RNG only.

I freaked... I am a Ranger and this sword blew my mind. Now I was begging for a look at it. She was an admitted twink, a level 3 gnome, sellin fer her high level character. Another person agreed to buy it for 15k, and was granted a look at it, to which he freaked out and yelled to the zone that it was true.

Then he tried to pull a fast one and said he needed to get the cash in kelethin. I offered to get em a ride for a look at the sword. We got there, she paid my guildmate 30p, and ran to kelethin. The guy then tried giving her 9k and items for the sword. She was pissed. He was offering 9k, Rubi legs(this was a few days after Rubi stopped dropping), Rubi arms, a crested helm, and an executioner's hood. She flat out refused. Meanwhile I still have yet to see the damn thing and she was promising me a look if he didn't buy.

He finally gave up after half an hour of haggling. She said she had another buyer, and I could see it soon as she got back from talking to him.

Well I never saw her again, and she was logged off about 10 min later when I tried talking to her.

However, I did get a little info on it. She said it was a quest item. And for the quest she only gave one hint. "Dragons can talk"

I am a RL dragon fanatic, so this had me near to tears... So does anyone else know anything? I have never seen it posted anywhere, and she said that was why she wouldn't let anyone see it, cuz she didn't want it posted to any sites.

Daffyd ap Llywelyn
Ranger of E'Ci

Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 07:42 PM           
This happened on E'ci? What? You haven't been keeping me informed, Daffyd.

As to the dragons talking.. I have no idea how exactly you'd talk to them. I'm trying to think of some illusion they'd accept. I know all followers of Veeshan (bards) are still KoS to them.. who knows?

Cyst Spiritseeker
Mojo Troll of E'ci

Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 09:01 PM           
Okay to clarify, the fiery avenger is NOT currently in the game, and it IS a paladin only weapon, in a recent post by Brad here is EXACTLY (I copied and pasted it) what he said...

I shall attempt to clarify:
1. The Fiery Avenger is currently NOT obtainable -- GZ and I are working the new FA quest and we will announce when it's active (sorry, no ETA).

2. Aradune is neither a GM (at least, in the customer service sense), nor a character I play. He is more a dynamic event/RP character, representing the avatar of the god Karana.

3. I do play a real character, a half-elf ranger, who is in his mid-20s. No I won't tell you which server

4. The Fiery Avenger is a Paladin-only weapon. The Fiery Avenger Aradune wields was altered by Karana such that Aradune could wield it (meaning it is an exception and is unique).


Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 09:47 PM           
I just love this post.

Talil Lifesaver
I save lives whenever possible. =)

Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 10:45 PM           
Huh, Bards get Faction songs, correct? Maybe I better start working on my Bard .

Station Member
posted 12-16-1999 11:58 PM           
More likely it would be a high level Enchanter quest, they get MUCH better faction spells.

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 08:38 AM           
I bet if we all found a way to organize a hunt for all these beastoes and rumors, we could not only cover alot of land, but a few sdiffrent sservers too and even nebies can help because since there are so many the ones in ak, anon acan help find the clockwork dragon and otheer ones in oter cities what level is lake rathe maybe a group of nebies could go there if its REALLY low

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 09:32 AM           

It's hard to believe a sword that good is not NO DROP. I also don't think Charm is an effect Verant would give to a weapon. From my judgement I think this sword is a hoax.

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 09:45 AM           
I am really interested in this dragon sword deal. So, Dragon's can speak? My first thoughts are of Naga and Vox, but you can not get to them without losing faction. Plus, why would fire or ice have a tunare sword?

I have heard before of a baby dragon, green, in Guk or Thule, I can not remember. Maybe if this dragon exists, this may be one you can talk to.

The odd thing again is it is a Tunare Claymore. Maybe she was pulling your leg and it was a GM quest.

Think about it, a GM quest where a GM is a dragon, hence "Dragons can talk". I dunno, this is a good one though!

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 09:47 AM           
An idea just hit me. This has to be the most popular thread in a long time. They should dedicate a forum to this purpose!

I mean come on, this one thread is getting close to 200 posts! That is half of an entire forum about Ideas and Feedback.

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 11:42 AM           
Lake Rathetear itself isn't very high level, but it is surrounded by two high level zones (South Karana and Rathe Mts.) when I get my XP in this level high enough I plan on doing some naked swims in Rathetear to explore these caves, also, when the GM on our server starts testing out Megalodon to see if he can get it to work, he said he'd tell me and my friend so we can watch and get some screenshots of the massive shark.

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 12:21 PM           
Wow! Just finished reading the ENITRE thread, so much for finals!!
Don't know for sure about the OOT monster, I can tell you this, I draw ANY and EVERY mob in the game. If it can attack me it will, heck I got killed on the boat in OoT by a cyclops who randomly ran over the boat, had I not had two others on the boat with me who witnessed and petitioned I would still be decaying at the bottom of OoT. This said, I have swum for a number of times in OoT and nothing has attacked, save the Sisters I pulled there thinking I could get away.
Lake Rathe is a different story, there IS a Large Sea Serpent that spawns there, didn't have a chance to take a screenshot but called my guildmate to see it too. As a level 20 DE Cleric it's not too smart to toy with Red mobs, specially while swimming. There is also a whale that frequents the lake, although I think this is a hoax concocted by a guild as they are always ooc'in comments about it.
I am working on the firepots at this time, along with a number of other mysteries in Neriak. I will tell a number of people in due time what I find.
Last I know Dragon, the language, don't know where from or how, but in my travels on the boat I always ask for languages. It can be learned, I am Bad at it, but at least it's in my skills list, there are about 3 others in my guild that know it. I also believe there are a few others from another guild that are masters at it, and they keep this knowledge to themselves, as when someone is removed from said guild you NEVER see those chars again. So you can talk to Dragons, just would you want to?

High Priest of Davog'Te
Rallos Zek - yes the P v P server
Home of the BEST roleplay in Norrath, don't like it? Kill me then, why? because you can

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 02:53 PM           
The language of Dragon is needed for research of spells, mainly to read certain Tomes which tell you what runes you need. Dont Vox and Nag ever say anything? I mean, even rats say "Squeak", a dragon with a brain the size of a Troll should be able to at least say "Did you knock on the door first? No? *crunch* Yum!"

Okay, the Fiery Avenger itself is not a hoax. It is not attainable RIGHT NOW but was and will be again. Anyone who claims they know how to get it is hoaxing, though. I saw a lvl 50 with a soulfire yesterday, it was cool, made me want to start a Paladin

I love this post

lvl 14 wizard of Tunare
Norrath's Defenders
(im finally not embarassed to put my lvl on a forum!)

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 05:23 PM           
About this dragon story, one has to wonder if it is a hoax. There are quite a few better stories to circulate rather than, "A Dragon gave it to me," or "I got it from a dragon-quest." It would also be easier to keep from showing it would be to say that you would show it to someone, then saying you had to sell it when they got there?

It is also feasible that this sword is so good because the quests are that hard. First, you'll have to be a follower of Veeshan. Then, (probably) you'll have to learn dragon. You can get to the dragons by using your invis song (unless their minions can see through it). When you get to the dragon, cast your faction song and pray. If it works, hail it in Dragon and pray again. If it works, expect the quest to run as hard as Soulfire or something like that.

As for why this weapon would be no-drop, it's incredibly, only available to one class, and under a butt-load of restrictions. If the dragon gives weapons that a bard can't use, then the reward would be untold riches (as demonstrated buy the price suggested). As for why a dragon would have a sword of Tunare, why would it have any sword since it's a living breathing killing machine? More than likely, it came into his/her possession because some cocky Paladin of Tunare believed he could destroy the dragon.

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posted 12-17-1999 06:25 PM           
Hey, you know how in many book sries there are more than one kind of dragon, ie bronze gold red black etc. and how vox and nafegen are two diffrent types, well, maybe there are other major ones (hidden of course) that have been hibernating i mean they live forever unless someone kills them so maybe they sleep for long periods of time, like decades. or maby it could be a dragon chick hatchling larvea whatever. well maybe this is a good dragon and a servant of tunare or some good dragon god that owes tunare a favor so this dragon had that tunare sword. that also opens up possibilitys for lake rathe and oot monsters i mean dragons can swim being streamlined and use their wings for propulsion. maybe they are to weak to challenge the existing ones or just like water better but they stay under water. and when they need to come up for air thats when people get attacked. but all this is just rambling and probably not possible to hide from tracking or whatever. maybe that rumor of that roc is what the tunare sword is from and the peson thought it was a dragon maybe there is a underwater tunnel from lake rathe to oot so that the monsters of the sea and or lake sped much of there time i n the tunnel

byebye everbody

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 07:24 PM           
OH! Just realized something:

Remember how the followers of Veeshan should seek out the city of no pity and I suggested that the city may be Felwithe since high-elves aren't known to be warm and fuzzy? We now have this sword of Tunare, presumably found from a dragon. And what is Tunare's capitol city? Felwithe of the High Elves. Conclusions:

1)The quest originates, ends, or has something to do with Felwithe.
2)A quest inside Felwithe gives you faction with the dragons, but has yet to be found.

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 08:34 PM           
hey good work slightly! if felwith had necroes or some bad class it might be in their guild and if they have sewers it might be there

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 09:11 PM           
Well everyone...

This is the best post I have ever read. I think it is OUTSTANDING. Verant should take some interest in this post and reveil a few MINOR clues to help the people of Everquest Figure them out. Since this post is really at an End I would like to help wrap it up. Many people have been involed in it and spent their hour helping search for thing that may very well not exist.


CLOCKWORK DRAGON: The Clockwork Dragon is not in the retail version of the Game. It will be added in the expansion. In the expansion the Dragon will be found in the city of Sebelis and his Name is Trakanon.

SKULL-FANGED STILLETO: The Skull fanged stilleto was found in kedge keep during Beta.
No one has ever killed Lord Mistmoore so it is IMPOSSIBLE to say he drops one (if he was ever killed there would have been an anouncement by the Gm's like when Vox was killed for the first time). THE ONLY TIME Skull-Fanged Stilleto's were ever obtained by players was during Beta and Dynamic GM events as proven to us by...

Station Member posted 12-15-1999 12:48 PM
Here are links to my pics of the FSS. I forgot to include them in the above message

FIERY AVENGER: Well no one has found the quest yet, Aradure IS making the Quest easier to find. NO ONE has a Fiery Avenger I dont care what you say. And because no one has one we dont know the Stats.


Lake Rathe Monster: No screenshot no proof of existance =(
Ooc Monster: No screenshot no proof of existance =(
Lord Mistmoore: No screenshot no proof of him spawning anymore =(


Neriak Fire Pots

Green Splinted Mail

West Karana Roc

Baby Green Dragon

Dragon Quests

Glowing Claymore of Tunare


Neriak Bookshelf

Prince Kermit

Shadowed Men

Rathe Mountain Sphynx's

Missing Zones:

Dragonscale Hills, Elizerain Lake, Wayunder Lake, Loping Plains, Ranthok's Ridge, Hills of Shade

ANTONICA (Tunaria)
Lifire River, Rujarkian Hills, Gulf of Gunthak, Broken Skull Rock, Greenblood River, Serpent's Spine, The Serpent (River), Winter's Deep, The Frigid Plane, The Nest, The Dead Hills, The Buried Sea, Unkempt Wood, The Hatchlands, The Northlands

The Vasty Deep, The Barren Coast, The Gulf of Uzun, Stonebrunt Mountains, The Grand Plateau, Abysmal Sea

Lower Blackburrow

King Therris Thex (High Elf King)

Antonious Bayle and Kane Bayle

Those Odd Little Egyptian Totems

Lady Serena in Qeynos and the Diety clues
TRIBUNAL - You wish to bring the land of justice for all crimes which are unpaid. Start your mission in Freeport, where crime is unafraid.

KARANA - You will be safe in this city of thunder. Travel to the catacombs for easy plunder.

TUNARE - From mother of all elves you comfort and peace. Walk into the crops of Karana and all troubles will cease.

VEESHAN - The mother of all wyrms has her blood running deep withingreat cities. Be aware that you are not alone in this town of no pity.

BRELL - The place of true power is usually beneath your feet. Stay in this city and a rare enemy you just may meet.

INNORUUK - To hate is your way. Just as the father of the dark race. Go forth to Nekutulos is where you should go at good pace.

PREXUS - He created the Kedge freaks which are now gone from this land. Go deep into the caves of Jaggedpine and someone will take your hand.

RALLOS ZEK - To die in battle is the true and only way. Go into Blackburrow and join the fray.

BRISTLEBANE - To be like the king of thieves is the path in which you sway. Go to Crow's after sundown. It is better than in day.

CAZIC THULE - You will find that a slight friend is elvish and dark. Be forewarned that in this city it is best not to bark.

MITHANIEL MARR - As is your god you are one of true valor which you cannot part. Go forth into the catacombs and say hail Mister Bloodheart.

EROLLISI MARR - To be strong in the way of love is truly the only way. Go into Karana's Paw and enjoy your day.

SOLUSEK - To step foot upon his land would set your body ablaze. Go far north of Freeport to find the eye in the day.

BERTOXXULOUS - The catacombs contain safe haven for you and I. It is our place to you I tell no lie.

RODCET NIFE - The power of healing is brought forth in your mass. Go past the gates and tell Zutros you are from Highpass.

QUELLIOUS - The tranquility and peace ofthe child lies within your heart. By fighting the opal elves, you shall be doing your part.

I hope this serves as a Good Recap-Conclusion to this post.

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 10:01 PM           
hehe nice try, sorry but you cant kill a post with almost 200 replies that easily

I have narrowed everything down, and this is one of the 2 posts I actually read because it is so good and actually gives the game spirit.

Someone in Felwithe (you will have to post after asking to find out who it is (yes, I am evil ) actually says "I have a small favor to ask of you..." and Brad/Aradune/the Nameless actually said "it starts with a small favor..." in regard to the Fiery Avenger. Though it may no longer be the beginning of the quest, it could have been before it was removed for repair.

Okay, look: I actually read in a post that was a *supposed* spoiler of how to get the Fiery Avenger that you needed the scales off nagafen, which he drops like bats drop bat wings. By that I mean not all too often (seeing as he spawns once a week) and also some other stuff. Such as you have to turn in your soulfire and have it modified. But my point is, if it had to do with dragons it was probably from this post, which everyone believed was a major hoax, granted a well thought-out one.

hehe, I find it rather difficult to believe that we have solved all the MYSTERIES OF NORRATH in less than 200 posts. Until I hear everyone's theories on the subject, I mean EVERYONEs i will not rest, even after we have screenshots of the seamonsters and holy swords.

You cant shut us up! Fight on!!!!!

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 10:28 PM           
Today I created a Gnome necro just to check out the door star thing, also got my big green troll friend Grunth to create a gnome and check it out with me, not only does it make the door sound, it turns when you click it, and it doesn't spin like the others, so it HAS to be intentional, it's NOT a bug whatever it is, Grunth believed there was a door underneath the lake right next to it, I believe it opens a passage in the Mines of Malfunction, the guild I'm in is starting up an investigations division which will comb Ak'Anon one day soon.

Aalyn, The Royal Norrathain Guard

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 10:52 PM           
Aalyn what server do you play on? i might wanna join the guild but i have an idea what if the star thing in ak'anon opens something somewhere else like the bookshelf in neriak, who knows it could do something at the dragon bones.

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 10:53 PM           
Or it may be used in conjunction with some other switch

Station Member
posted 12-17-1999 10:57 PM           
I'm on The Tribunal

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