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posted 12-10-99 08:43 AM           
Wrong Prince-Serrated Bone Dirk is dropped in Lower Guk, it is a rogue only dagger that procs Engulfing Darkness. What you are thinking of is the Bone Razor, which is dropped by Dracoliche in the PoF.

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posted 12-10-99 10:41 AM           
Ah, well I was close.

Sir Lucan D'Lire (or something like that). He's important for the SoulFire quest, which is the flaming sword you saw. He does not drop the blade (otherwise he'd be camped 24/7), but he does drop a key component to acquiring it. He can be wasted by a group of level 50s.

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posted 12-10-99 12:19 PM           
I too saw an obscure refernce to Lycanthrope by the dev team, but it was more along the lines of how much they would "like to add it", versus it actually being in the game. I could be wrong as its been awhile, but I've fought about 5 were's and none have infected me.

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posted 12-10-99 05:38 PM           
2 OOT things.

1) Alizwasaur, I saw this beast today, it can see through invis but has a low aggro range.

2) Brawn. I don't know who or what this is, but it can see through invis.


On the boat anything you con cons as Indifferent. These two conned as scowls ready to attack. I would like any info on Brawn, I want to know what it is!

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posted 12-10-99 07:12 PM           
I got it man! i know were the underwater zone in rathe is! One day i was like lvl 20 and in rathe omw to the mountins and i saw a huge hole in the side of a mountin under water! i was to afraid to go in , but i didnt know that it was some un exlored territory or anything. Its right acrossed from the zone into the mountins just jump off the dock and swim till you find a mountin there theres a hole under teh water at the mountin and i think that may im not sure but may be the place were the underwater sea creature has been hideing. im so exited!

lvl35 gnome magician
Skimpy Tickleton
Bertoxxulos server

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posted 12-10-99 09:03 PM           
Teddykitty- Actually teddy, before you go down there you'll want to have water breathing, as that cave is extremely long. Unfortunately it is home to aqua goblins last I cahecked, not the mystic sea monster of witch we speak so fondly. Although it is purposed that that was in fact the area in wich the great beast once spawned.

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posted 12-10-99 09:53 PM           
About that see invis thing. Only way to be sure is walk up to Allizewsaur and see if he attacks you. A while ago I went to check him out and I had camo on all the time and he still conned aggro to me. I didn't see him kill any goblins either(someone said he kills them). It just runs around and occasionally says "SSSSS" or something like that(maybe u need to know dragon language to understand that lol). Well a sometime ago they made a change with dragons so that they can see invis now, not sure if Alli is regarded as a dragon by verant or not. Will have to go and check it again.

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posted 12-10-99 11:00 PM           
Garydose- As to the comments on invis, the comments were on the fact that with a normal mob (baring dragons as I have no expierence with them) if its aggro to you, you cast invis, and it can't see invis, it will con Indif. This is representory of the fact that it can't see you so it can't really hate you =) As for "Big Al", I think he can see invis as I too have been invis and he still cons aggro. He does have a considerably smaller aggro radius than you'd expect though.

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posted 12-11-99 01:51 AM           
Ok people here we go about you "spynx" i got 7 pics of this dumb spynx i walked right up to him (he was ready yo attack) and took pics than walked away not a very agro ready to attack huh? well if ya want the pics of him e-mail me!

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posted 12-11-99 03:41 PM           
This is a great thread, you people actually got me excited about EQ again, for the past 3 months or so it's just been another $10 a month on my credit card and little more. I was going to cancel my account very soon but you've all saved me from that, showing that there is some life left in the game, so thanks for that first of all. Second, to clear up some stuff on the Fiery Avenger, on the last night of beta when Mithaniel Marr fell at the hands of Inoruuk, people did loot his corpse, and yes a player DID get teh fiery avenger, the following day shots were posted of him wielding it and of the status on it. I forget the damage/delay but under class and race it said ALL, now this may have been just the one made for the GM event to be on Mithaniel and if the sword still exists it's probably not for all classes and races but the fact remains that it wasn't a doctored shot. Recently, a link was posted on Dr.Twister for a site that had pictures of an ogre shaman using the fiery avenger, trying to show that it was in the game, that he had gotten it, and that it was still all races and classes. I went to go look if it was still there but since it was a few weeks ago it wasn't still up under the news and the archives didn't have any later news either so sadly, I don't have a link. Also, I remember seeing a picture of the megaladon on a site some time ago, I think it was EQ Vault, it was a huge shark but I don't know if it was in Lake Rathetear or OOT. I do recall seeing a MASSIVE shark on my first trip to Lake Rathe, it was bugged and it kept slipping out of the water onto land but I clicked on it and it didn't target it so I'm not sure if it was the megaladon or not. I have seen the cave entrance under the frozen lake in Everfrost but I have yet to go in it, anyone have any extra information on the caster in it? Well thanks again for restoring my interest in EQ, I suppose I'll wait till the next server comes up to make a new character... hopefully I'll like EQ enough to stay until the expansion pack and that should renew my interests in it even more, and if I find the link to that fiery avenger site I'll be sure to post it here.

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posted 12-11-99 04:21 PM           
Well, Allizewsaur walked right over me when I was camo and it didn't even notice me though it conned aggro. Odd huh?

GhostSigma I can FULLY relate to you, sometimes this game just doesn't do the trick anymore. You get bored and want to give up. I've felt that way a lot. This thread is great, lets just hope these monsters are in the game though hehe.

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posted 12-12-99 02:55 AM           
A few things missing here.

#1 The Sphinxes: Note that the sphinxes are somehow linked the named scarabs in the center of the zone...I don't remember the full names, but the names of the sphinxes are the first 4 letters of the names of the scarabs (or vice versa..don't remember which have the long names). Why the names are linked is unknown.

#2 The fire pots/locked pots. There are a LOT of these, ranging everywhere from inside Neriak to a hidden cave in Everfrost. A lot of the time these are also connected to symbols, either white symbols on the floor or neon symbols similar to the ones in neriak. No one has been able to unlock these, either with picklock or various keys. It is suspected that these might be an unimplemented or unactivated teleport system.

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posted 12-12-99 04:18 AM           

What about Holly Windstalker (Or wahtever), in Qeynos Hills, she duel weilds.


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posted 12-12-99 04:21 AM           

I'm willing to bet, Miragul's sanctuary will be in the next expansion, when they bring out Vellious. I've heard it's to the north.


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posted 12-12-99 09:03 AM           
Well this doesnt totally explain the name link of the sphinx's but if you kill a beetle of one shpinx... it raises faction with the other shpinx... or atleast it did back in the day when i would hunt in rathe mountains. So this is the way to gain faction with them to get the quests they are "said" to give.

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posted 12-12-99 11:11 AM           
Well the only problem is, Vellious, I think, is in the South. Deep south. Now this is just from a map I've seen (the Beta world map I beleive). It is possible that the teleport leads to Vellious however. Either that or it's one of those Plane gates: it only lets you in if you're a certain level.

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posted 12-12-99 12:46 PM           
The clockwork dragon is either not in the game any longer, a triggered spawn, not been found yet, or most likely a hoax. A friend and I pushed against every wall, no secrets, hailed every NPC, turned the lever near the guide (the space under the waterfall remained unchanged) and we're pretty sure its not there anymore =) Deep down in the cave in Lake rathe I went into it, there were only goblins..maybe placeholders, probably not. If there is a massive sea beast I don't want to find it =) npcs fly up and down and hit from above in the water.

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posted 12-12-99 12:59 PM           
i was playing EQ at my friends house as his level 11 ranger and someone came up to me and said he had just came back from the plane of air. He claimed that there were alot of GMs just hanging out there. They told him not to tell anyone and gave him some fairly valuble items. Nothing special like the Green Splinted mail or the fiery Avenger though. How he got there? He said that someone had unlocked a fire pot and it telelports u there. I am not sure what to believe. All in all it seemed pretty credible.

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posted 12-12-99 02:36 PM           

Yes I know she duel weilds, but she is not a monster, shes human, ive seen Rangers that look exactly like her, no difference. But have you ever seen a monster NPC that shows both weapons in his hands? I havent seen one.

Also, the other night on Veeshan someone re-animated the dragon remains in SteamFont mountains. I dont know if it had any reference to the Clockwork dragon, but who knows.

The features section says that there will be 20+ new zones. Did they say theyll all be in Kunark? So there could be more planes, a 'Miraguls Sactuary' Zone. I just hope theres more story line behind Prexus with Kunark. Hes my favorate god and is neglected zone-wise and story-wise. Kedge keep is the closest hes come to being known.

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posted 12-12-99 04:52 PM           
Ummmm...Re-animated the dragon skeleton? I would like just a little clarification on that. I but it was enchanter who made himself look like the bones to scare people. The other possibility is that some GM quest just started. If so, it was probably done by dark elves, since dark elves are you typical necros and no one but a necro could reanimate dead. Im just speculating though.

More info!

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posted 12-12-99 05:23 PM           
The clockwork dragon you speak of is named Trakanon, he used to live under akanon but fled to Sebelis, the city of mist. This is a FACT, when the expansion comes out THE CLOCKWORK DRAGON, TRAKANON, will be in Sebelis.

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posted 12-12-99 06:11 PM           
OK i just read something about a compas in Ak'anon pointing E. Like everyone i thought east...but from where. I have been to Ak'anon once...what i remember is that there is a massive amount of water and 1 building in the middle. If you make a map of this you will notice it's a circle with 1 building in the middle with 2 branches. When you look at it it looks like a compass. So the bridges are the arrows pointing twords directions. What i suggest is standing in the middle of the building and then sense heading...go east and camp will probobly find the secret cave you are talking about.

Nebuchadnezzar N'a'shezbaernon
Mage of the 50th cycle

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posted 12-12-99 06:22 PM           
I decided to do a little exploring in the Lake Rathe Cave, just a bunch of goblins in there(Flame tower island cave), then i found another cave, which is near the Rathe Mountains zone, seeing as how the Sea monster was not in the first one i am guessing he is in the second one, but i am not ready to go into that cave just yet. there are also alot of small islands around the back of the zone which no one hardley ever goes too, there may be 1 or 2 more caves around the back of the zone, but i am not positive, i'd have to look around, but a while ago i did have a friend swimming from Rathe Mountains zone to South Karana zone with me, his swimming skill wasn't very good so i was pretty far ahead of him, i reached the docks at SK zone and i was about to zone when was attacked by this "sea monster", he was dead in a matter of seconds,i have never seen a group member drop that fast, he said he was hit for 300+, i went back along the path i had come (guessing he took that path also) and found nothing but his corpse, anyone else have any stories of this monster?

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posted 12-12-99 10:04 PM           
People keep saying this like it's fact, and it drives me to respond:

Running into a spawn once doesn't mean it's always there.

Seeing a spawn in one zone doesn't mean it can't also be seen in another.

Invisibility does NOT mean everything that can't see you will be indifferent.

I've seen the shark in the Lake Rathetear, in the wayback of retail release (May or so?). Megalodon. No, I didn't screenshot it. I rarely screenshot anything. I also think it could easily spawn there, the OoT or both, and that me seeing it in one place in May doesn't mean its still around (especially if it has pathing problems). The aqua goblins, and webclaw the 'little one' are definitely under the tunnel, and definitely more than I want to deal with. There is a rod for the ice comet down there though, if I'm remembering right.

And on the invis: The only truly accurate way to know if you're unseen is to not get attacked by something that agros on you while visible.
Case in point: Oasis Sand Giants. They con ready to attack, visible or invisible. They'll kill me if I'm visible, whether they're wandering around on their own, or being kited by someone past where I'm standing. If I'm invisible, I can dance between their legs, watch a fight from two feet, whatever. They won't attack me (unless the spell ends). Also some critters in the karanas, etc. If it cons indifferent, it can't see you (as far as I can tell), true. But lacking that indifference is not a guarantee it'll see you, not in the least.

Caves in Everfrost, the guy that says he's killed Miragul, etc.:
The caves are pretty empty. It could easily change if/when they implement a teleporter. The ice bone skeletons aren't high level (or weren't the last time I went on a killing spree) but were only around 18th tops. The caster is/was bad news, and I tended to just avoid. I also (unless my skills slid hard) managed to wander through all of the tunnels, and the two sets of ice bones and the caster were it. At the time. This was all back before they made the rods for ice comet refresh at a reasonable rate.

On Miragul.. Well, bud. All I can say is it sounds bogus. You say the zone you found him in and killed him in is empty, so you don't go there. But I've been to every zone that's open in Norrath except SolA, SolB, Lower Guk, and the Planes. The only one that's even intermittantly empty, really, that isn't a city WAS the Splitpaw.
If he's got no loot, and there's nothing in the zone to hunt, why not say where, eh? Secrecy only invites accusations of lying, especially when talking about Mysteries.

Please. Put your money where your mouth is. No screenshots? Sure, I believe that 100%. Most of what I've fought never got its picture taken. I rarely see the point. But you CAN share zone info, time of IC day, loc (if you checked, many (including me) don't), nearby landmarks if any. Especially if you've done it repeatedly.

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posted 12-12-99 11:08 PM           
Well, this one isn't a totl mystery. Many ppppl know who Gull is, but only a few have ever seen him. Rumor has it his spawn is independant nd only once every 2 weeks. Hmm, anybody wanna confim this? (or even say when?) I think many ppl are sick of spawns that simply are FAR to rare, the need to just up the lvl of the mob and leave the spawn a little more common.


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posted 12-13-99 01:36 AM           
Wow! The best thread I have ever read anywhere! I don't even play Everquest and I couldn't stop reading the damn thing. I was just curious about the RoK expansion b/c my friend plays EQ, and all of a sudden I read these stories of Clockwork Dragons and Miragul. Wow is all I have to say.

*Genma kicks himself for not buying this spring*

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posted 12-13-99 10:55 AM           
You're right. Who the heck is Gull?

More info on the Firery Avenger. I was flipping through my Strategy guide and guess what I found in the Quest section:
"Ancient elven Weapons created by a single ancient elven race, which spawned them all! Nonsense! A few take it as truth and have begun a search for these weapons. Among these few are the Shadow Knights of Neriak. The ones they hire need know nothing and usually don't."
A new arrow that points to Neriak. Perhaps the Firery Avenger can be corrupted into an amazing Unholy Sword.

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posted 12-13-99 03:28 PM           
Last cave I went into underwater in EF had a bear that you killed for quest items.

I targeted something in Halas the other day while I was swimming, I'll post the name tonight. No, it's not the sea creature, but I was wondering if anyone could tell em what/who this is.


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posted 12-13-99 05:23 PM           
I got this off of the FAQ page, which is kinda exciting.

- 20+ Brand New Zones, including newbie zones all the way up to **zones filled with dragons.**

I starred that line because this could mean, that the ever so popular "Clockwork Dragon" being discussed on this topic, may be, in the expansion, in one of the 20+ new zones. If so that would kick @$$$$$.

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posted 12-13-99 08:43 PM           
Cool thread, I am looking forward to being able to play EQ in one week! The green splintered armor, I saw a GM in full suit and a "Ring Of Invulnerability" Her name was Fyrefox if I recall. The shark, I have no clue, but the dragon, I am thinking. Maybe there's more then one thing you have to click on to open the zone, and I am sure as hell determined to find out what the rings are all about, that is very intriguing!Well, off to other things


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posted 12-13-99 09:05 PM           
I was just looking at my desktop, which is a map of Norrath, and south of the Steamfront Mountains is what's called Dragonscale Hills, could this be the home of the Legendary Clockwork Dragon? If so it must be accessed from either Ak'Anon (Maybe through the mines of malfunction?) or Steamfront Mountains, anyone in the area, do some checking around, once I gain 5 more levels and I'm old enough for MM I'll be able to check it out, as for now I'm hunting in SPK, LRathe and Cazic so I'm gonna do a naked swim after I get enough xp to keep my level for sure and check out as many of the caves and such as I can.

-Aalyn, 15th circle Druid in the realm of The Tribunal (Nagafen finally died there last night!)

Station Member
posted 12-13-99 09:11 PM           
I think Mako has some inside information =) The only other mention i have heard of Sebilis and the vity of mist was when Brad talked about his favorite zones to hunt in, and he started talking about the city of mist (sebilis) and some others. =)

Station Member
posted 12-13-99 09:21 PM           
Wow this thread has certainly taken off. I have gotten many emails with questions and "tales" but no screenshots. Talking to a GM I have discovered something that may solve one of the original Myths Posted In the original post about the Clockwork Dragon. I talked the GM and asked him about the Clockwork dragon. After 15 minutes of smooth talking him he reveiled some info to me that he said "I didn't hear from him" I will protect the Gms name.. I will say the Gm was on the Nameless Server.

The Gm told me...
There is no other zone connecting to Akanon
The Clockwork Dragon will be added in the expansion on Kunark in a Dungeon called

Thats it.

Also Id like to add I have gotten 8 seperate emails saying something about a Roc in West Karana named Emperor Razortalon. The Roc is supposed to be a "Dragon sized" Falcon or Griffin" People have been telling me it is found in a secret cave in WK and is Heavily guarded by many Aviaks and Griffons. THe Roc is suposed to be level 53. I have no proof of this as no one sends "ANY" screenshots so who knows? maybe someone has some input on this one.

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posted 12-14-99 07:51 AM           
Hmm...Seems I remember hearing someone talk of a secret cave in WK a long time ago. I dn't doubt it, West Karana is by far the largest zone of Norrath.

I have also heard rumor of a secret cave in Greater Faydark somewhere around the NE area. I think this one is just rumor though.

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posted 12-14-99 10:31 AM           

The weapon may not drop in the game anymore, however it is NOT Rogue only as I know a couple Rangers who were VERY lucky to have gotten a pair of these nice daggers early in life.

Yes they still use them. And yes the daggers are very powerful doing 13 damage, 23 delay. Thay are also magic, not LORE.

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posted 12-14-99 01:14 PM           
Miragul: Permafrost, west side of the river, in an underwater cave. swim and swim and swim and swim. This was about 2 RL months ago. Don't know if he's there anymore though. <shrug>

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posted 12-14-99 01:21 PM           
Here's another mystery: What in Norrath are all those Old Silver Coins used for? I have found these things all over the world, and always in water. Does anyone know thier use? Why they are there, or Who put them there?

Station Member
posted 12-14-99 01:39 PM           
I think those coins you are referring to are the ones for the mage (or is enchanter?) quests. hehe.. they should say Lore and no drop. the image on the coin is a dragon? If not.. then i have no idea.. slow day at work today cant u tell?

sorry I didnt get back to everyone on the location for miragul quicker. we had serious network farts at work last week. hope that the info that has been supplied satifies your "put your money where your mouth is" need.

Station Member
posted 12-14-99 05:12 PM           
Just some new insight for you all, and the coins, they're for an enchanter quest for the scroll tashina.

If you head to the fair town of qeynos you will find near the docks a woman by the name of Lady Serena. She will give you information about your god if you ask her. Now if you ask her about Brell she responds with, "The place of true power is usually beneath your feet. Stay in this city and a rare enemy you just may meet."

This seem's to indicate more and more that there is a dragon under an'ankon.

Here's what she says about others.

TRIBUNAL - You wish to bring the land of justice for all crimes which are unpaid. Start your mission in Freeport, where crime is unafraid.

KARANA - You will be safe in this city of thunder. Travel to the catacombs for easy plunder.

TUNARE - From mother of all elves you comfort and peace. Walk into the crops of Karana and all troubles will cease.

VEESHAN - The mother of all wyrms has her blood running deep withingreat cities. Be aware that you are not alone in this town of no pity.

BRELL - The place of true power is usually beneath your feet. Stay in this city and a rare enemy you just may meet.

INNORUUK - To hate is your way. Just as the father of the dark race. Go forth to Nekutulos is where you should go at good pace.

PREXUS - He created the Kedge freaks which are now gone from this land. Go deep into the caves of Jaggedpine and someone will take your hand.

RALLOS ZEK - To die in battle is the true and only way. Go into Blackburrow and join the fray.

BRISTLEBANE - To be like the king of thieves is the path in which you sway. Go to Crow's after sundown. It is better than in day.

CAZIC THULE - You will find that a slight friend is elvish and dark. Be forewarned that in this city it is best not to bark.

MITHANIEL MARR - As is your god you are one of true valor which you cannot part. Go forth into the catacombs and say hail Mister Bloodheart.

EROLLISI MARR - To be strong in the way of love is truly the only way. Go into Karana's Paw and enjoy your day.

SOLUSEK - To step foot upon his land would set your body ablaze. Go far north of Freeport to find the eye in the day.

BERTOXXULOUS - The catacombs contain safe haven for you and I. It is our place to you I tell no lie.

RODCET NIFE - The power of healing is brought forth in your mass. Go past the gates and tell Zutros you are from Highpass.

QUELLIOUS - The tranquility and peace ofthe child lies within your heart. By fighting the opal elves, you shall be doing your part.

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posted 12-14-99 05:37 PM           
Unless Verant forgot to take it change his response...there is a NPC in the Qeynos Hills zone near a small lake that talks about his days of fishing in Lake Rathe....he tells about an underwater city (which of course does exist and has a rod for the wizard spell Ice Comet Quest) as well as a sea monster...i have asked a number of people about this...including my lvl 50 friend who journied to the underwater city about the sea monster--he said he didn't know---so i believe it does exist and that it is either hidden or just a rare spawn.

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