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posted 12-27-1999 07:13 PM           
well, there is a similair rune in lake rathe (the tower with the magician i think), and supposedly one (or more) in neriak. This might be part of a process that lets people tele from city to city in which caster classes are available?

Also, just noticed this today. There is a magician and two shamans (male magi, female shamans) NPCs in Everfrost (by the wall on the way to the platform; turn right when leaving the path going to halas). The mage offers a quest to search for a Wheel of *something* (can't remember ). The story behind the wheel is that it will let the holder teleport between the planes. The book that is handed to you gives some information about where to find the pieces for the wheel. Anone know about this? My lvl 7 shaman has the book, but it looks to be a very high level quest (involving kedge keep and all).


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posted 12-27-1999 07:17 PM           
greetings aalyan I am sure I know you from the tribunal or at least seen you around anyway I would like to add a little info to the white symbol foun on the floor of acknonn. I know where there is a big one! a realy big one check the spectre tower in oasis there is a huge one on side of it.
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posted 12-27-1999 07:24 PM           
In regards to the eye in Paw. I dont think the preserved eye will do it. However, there is an area in Paw which contains 2 Judges and an Executioner. Tranixx Splitpaw is also there in the middle of it. If you watch this scene, you can see that Tranixx is being put on trial for his failure to properly lead the gnolls. Tranixx always carried a ruby eye for the jeweled skull quest, and when you attacked him he would yell something like "Youll never take my eye!" Try that instead.

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posted 12-27-1999 07:52 PM           
The 2 Sphinx guys in Rathe Mountains.

The Good one is Zazamoukh, hes on top of a mesa with ebon, onyx drakes flying around him. Hes located at the south western part of the zone.

The evil one is Ankhefenmut. He located at the end of the long valley on the North eastern part of the zone. He scowls at me, but you CAN walk in front of him for some nice screen shots. DO NOT stand UNDER him or else he will attack.

They are both enchanter classes and have animated pets.

As for the 6 scarabs. 3 of them are evil (middle of the zone). Ankhesmerira (main beetle), Ankhetperure, and Ankhesenaten.

The 3 good scarabs are near the troll tower. They are at the corner. There names are Zazamaharet (main beetle), Zazaphenebti, and Zazamenhu.

I got screen shots of both these sphinx. They are upclose to their faces.

While I was wondering around I saw a dark elf NPC named Kazzel D'Leryt. He was running around near the lizard camps on top of the rocky hill. Any information on him? I've have yet to encounter the bootstrutter guy, named basilisk, and the ogrefeind cyclops dude.

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posted 12-27-1999 09:07 PM           
I read a ways back in this thread about people wondering if there's a quest related to the werewolves.

On the Everlore site, when you read about the Illusion: Werewolf spell, you see a quote from an Enchanter who said he hailed a Werewolf when using this illusion.

I don't think the response he got from the hail is the one pasted on Everlore, but the important part is that he said part of the response was in square brackets.. a clear hint the Werewolf has more to tell you.

The poster stated he didn't know the language, however, and was unable to pursue the conversation. A followup said that the language needed can only be learned at level 50.

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posted 12-27-1999 09:09 PM           
Two posts to answer:
1: The one who asked about the spires and ruins within NRO, Oasis and SRO, those are the ruins of Takish Hiz and other High Elf cities from long ago, Befallen IS NOT Takish Hiz, Befallen is an ancient castle that was owned by human monks that was covered over when the desert expanded, and the SKs and Necros made it into a home.
2:Also, I heard that it is Zaza who is the evil one, so when I first went through Rathe Mts. going to Cazic to explore, I went to Ankh and got some screenshots, he conned indiff, as did his beetles, I didn't check Zaza out of fear.
Something to add, those who've seen the world map (Those who haven't can get it off the regular EQ site) may notice "Bajorbian Hills" to the west of the deserts, when I was hunting in Oasis killing Orcs, I noticed a break in the western mountain zone, unlike other soon-to-be zone lines, it acted like a regular line, would this be the zone line to Bajorbian hills? Will Bajorbian hills be coming soon?
League of Mysteries
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posted 12-27-1999 10:41 PM           
Oh I just thought of something I have a level 9 ranger named Ahargagor if anyone cares and there is a named faedrake that flaps around in the ranger guild no explination and does nothing when you hail him ( this is the ranger guild in kelethin btw)

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posted 12-27-1999 10:46 PM           
After rereading this I found that I'm very longwinded, so bear with me. Its at least a touch informative

About the sphinxes:

I spent until 4 in the morning this past Sunday raising faction with Ankhefenmout, the one I believe to be the "good" one (I base this on the fact that I'm a High Elf and he was indifferent, whereas Zazamoufk was threatening). Roughly sixty dead Zaza beetles later, I'm amiable with Anhkefenmout, but my faction gaining bugged and I stopped going up with him, only down with Zaza. Before bothering to relog etc and try to fix it, I petitioned and spoke with a guide on my server whom I asked if the sphinxes were operational. He spoke with some other guide (couldn't get her name, was told she was running a quest at the time) who told him that they were currently broken and had only ever worked on one server. So I abandoned it for now, I'll try again when I can find a full fledged GM on my server that I can hassle for info

Oh, and also, the scarab totem in North Ro. If I remember right there used to be a mummy named Rahotep that would spawn in the desert somewhere, I assume at the totem. Anyone seen him lately?

About the mystery sigil/summoning circle:

The night I was raising faction with Ankh I also took the time to visit LOTS of ruins around Norrath. The sigil found in Neriak (hereafter referred to as the Neriak Crest) that supposedly has to do with the locked pots can be found in Lake Rathetear on the enchanter tower, *and* the aviak tower with the flame. The exact same Crest + Flame can be found in Rathe Mtns at an abandoned tower with two ogre guards (very near the Zaza beetles). I've yet to track down any other spots, but I'm sure there are more.

As to the symbolism of the Crest, its a bit fuzzy. The center of it is also found on Innoruuk's belt buckle I am told, and to me it looks ALOT like a goblin's head with two arrows pointing to it (there's even a color difference where eyes should be). The bottom right symbol is found dozens of times in Erudin, the everfrost caves where Sulon McMoore wanders, and IIRC Permafrost Keep. Last, the bottom left symbol is found at almost every orc camp in Norrath, and is also emlazoned very large above the entrance to Crushbone.

The last two are a mystery. One looks like two crossed bones (wrenches? I'll be checking Akanon soon), and the other is a simple spiral. The only other symbols on the crest look like decoration. One is a 3 x 3 grid of squares, one is a stylized W, and the last is a set of horizontal lines.

Sooo folks, head off and find those logos!

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posted 12-27-1999 10:54 PM           
the "arrows" look like ears to me if you ask me but why call it the neriak symbol its also the one assosiated with the clockwork dragon in acknonn also the face is on the doors on the way into nafgans layer and on the non locked fire pots by the shadey swashbucklet I think it has to do with dragons

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posted 12-28-1999 02:12 AM           

The Axe of The Slayers..

I've never seen ANYONE weild this axe on my server (fennin ro).

Sure they say it comes off a named orc that has a priest as its place holder..


Btw what does rampage do?

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posted 12-28-1999 04:17 AM           
Does anyone know what the gnome miner is doing in unrest? If you go past the gazebo to that pool against the wall and swim under that little island there is a little cave and at the end of the cave it opens up into a little room that has a gnome (don't remember exactly what his name is)

I hailed him and nothing happened, so I had a 30+ friend kill him for me, don't remember the faction hits but he had no loot worth speaking of.

Is this a part of some other quest? If not, what the heck is he doing there? I am not sure if he is still there or not, since I haven't looked for him since June, anybody have any ideas?

Station Member
posted 12-28-1999 10:04 AM           
He's a Gnomish Spelunker(Cave explorer), he's in the spawn spot of the barbed bone skellie, and once when I had my warrior, I sent him into that cave the gnome conned indiff but went agro, but I got away easily.

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posted 12-28-1999 01:48 PM           
OK How about tyh rlooked doors be hind the hidden walls i highkeep

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posted 12-28-1999 04:12 PM           
Talking about roving mobs:

Can you imagine the Talk that would start if people spotted Nagafen flying over Commons or Oasis? Why not come into Freeport and kill all the guards and NPC's with his FIRE breath? That's what dragons of old used to do.. This would be the begining of a sweet GM event to introduce a "new" dragon maybe

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posted 12-28-1999 05:00 PM           
Q&A time again. First, I haver asked my severer gm about the dragon thing, and it can ONLY be done in conjuctiond with progrmmers, because the textures/frames/chractermaps/ect arn't avalible in those zones. Drgaons can only be seen in the outside zones as part of a HISTORICAL event,maybe the opening of RoK?(and yes I know there was one in the commons at the end of Beta, they had to special code it)

Hmm, I don't know anything about the wheel, but wish they had more ways to get to the planes than just caster spells.


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posted 12-28-1999 06:05 PM           
Ok, theres one mystery that I have yet to hear an answer to. If you wander about the Oasis over by what we call the orc highway, there is a passage that goes off to the west. It looks like quite a large road cut into the wall heading towards South Karana. Of course, the passage is blocked. We can really use this passage now that Kithicor is impassable by anyone under 20.

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posted 12-28-1999 06:06 PM           
about unrest, you can levitate over the back wall and go into another courtyard, its got no mobs or anything just hedges and stuff. I heard a while ago that unrest was supposed to be a lot bigger, it just wasnt finished. That gnome might have something to do with it, but it was never finished. the keys in unrest are worthless, when they first started making unrest they planned on having locked doors like befallen but it never happened

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posted 12-28-1999 06:12 PM           
The wheel you speak of is, well, not a mystery. It is for the ice comet quest. you have to find all the rods located all over norrath and put them into this wheel as spokes I suppose and turn it in to get 2 items. You can keep these items, or can return them for the runes needed for Ice Comet. Thats what I think anyway, but its also known as the wheel quest so i think thats it. Also, i know it begins in everfrost for fact

Also, I think they really should do all their event in conjunction with programmers, tunare forbid that they actually spend some time and money making a good event

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posted 12-28-1999 06:32 PM           
About the Orc Highway thing. That is supposed to be a new zone when RoK is out. Well at least from what I hear.

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posted 12-28-1999 07:17 PM           
Once while falling in lava, I found a legitimate tunnel underneath the lava. Because I was in some serious pain, I didn't try and explore it. =) Anyone ever hear of this?

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posted 12-28-1999 09:05 PM           
This is the coolest thread I've ever read!!! When I buy this game, I'm going exploring.. Of course, after earning enough levels to survive... I Can't beleive I read over 300 posts....

MUST... GET... LIFE...

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posted 12-29-1999 01:15 AM           
Go to the official EQ web page and bring up the Strategy section, you will see a pick of an unfamiliar boat..... Could this be our ticket to Kunark?


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posted 12-29-1999 07:41 AM           
First off I'll say that my board name reveals my game name and server to those that'd like to know.

Second--this is not only the longest and best thread I've ever read, but I am so glad to see a change from the continuous rants I am constantly reading that get me depressed about logging back on. This is actually getting me excited about getting back into the game.

Now for the mystery parts. When I first started reading I couldn't think of anything that a lowly level 28 could have possibly done that could be that intriguing, but as I read ideas popped into my head about things I have seen.

In Erudexing I have come into 'melee' range of the fire elemental but didn't actually see it. While waiting for the boat I have several times 'heard' it casting. The time I got in a fight with it was when I boarded the boat and sat down to meditate. It hit me. I looked around frantically and after not seeing my attacker quickly jumped off the boat just as it departed the dock. I did some shouts and said that the fire elemental just left for Erudin but the other person on the boat said he didn't see me get attacked and he didn't see an ele on the boat.

I too have heard about the hidden courtyard in Unrest. I haven't tested it out, though, as I couldn't imediately find anything I could Levitate from. I did hear that it is impossible to get back out without gate, so if you're a tank don't try it unless some guides are on.

About Princess Thex in Lake Rathe, I was camping the flame tower with a group and after she did her shout I saw a message saying she slashed herself for 32000 dmg. I have more recently learned that when MOBs get into pathing bugs where they start out mobile then get stuck they will kill themselves to prevent players from exploiting.

Being a wizard I just recently started the Tarton Wheel quest and one of my recent rods was the one under the flame tower in Lake Rathe. It was on the top floor of a tower (like the one that the stone skeles spawn in near the diving board--but white tiles) It had a whole in the floor with no ladder and had at least 4 treasure chests on that level. Being invised with enduring breath and several /con red mobs around I didn't bother to stay around to admire the scenery, however, a casting goblin ended up seeing invis right after i picked up the rod (I think an aqua goblin shaman) and I died shortly there after.

I have recently noticed that Jyleal is no longer a Lord but rather a General.

I have explored the 'hidden' passege ways in Felwithe but have done nothing more to that guard other than bind sight to figure out how to get in there.

I have had my own encounter with an inky in Paw. I was about level 25 or so at the time running around the dungeon freely (before the change) when I decided there was really nothing for me to see and I tried to get back. Needless to say I got lost. I wandered into a 'structred' area (as opposed to the rest of it being caverns) with several barred gates that opened with no problem like regular doors. I went into another room and saw a dark blurr run past my screen. I turned to see it but couldn't find it. Then I was being attacked, and viciously (boy can those inkies fight). I ran out of that cell and turned to see that my assailant was a dark elf (didn't ever really catch the name). Hopelessly lost, I knew my only chance was to gate, but just my luck--wasn't memmed. Probably my only show of quick wits I rooted the smurf, ran to a corner and sat down. I flipped my pages in my spellbook back to Pg. 1 and got my gate spell memmed. Sat up started casting and got out with just one hit in during my cast. Never wanted to go back after that, especially now that there's harder things there.

As you are going into Permafrost, right after the Ice Giant before you go around the first corner right before the zone. If you stay close to the left wall there is a hidden passage. I've followed it to the end, opens out into an open snowy area (real discriptive there ;P). I didn't go any farther as my guild was holding a raid to get some Icey Greaves and they needed a low level blaster in their group.

I know I'm not the only one to have seen them, but if you are in North Ro and Oasis (maybe other zones too) look up into the skies. Occasionally 5 UFOs will fly in a "V" pattern.

That is about all you can get out of this level 28 unless there is something I forgot. Rest assured, though, that once I get back on, many of these mysteries will be investigated by me. Incase you haven't guessed my main character is a level 28 wizard by the name of Quein Queller and he is on Innoruuk. If you'd like at anytime send me a tell, I'm always interested in making new friends.

P.S. Sorry if I tend to ramble.

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posted 12-29-1999 02:05 PM           
a bit off topic but i saw a planet in the sky that looked like saturn in West Commons the other day which looked exactly like the planet from the Plane of Sky screenshots i saw at eqstomped. My guess is that when PoS is opened it is only accessable when you see the planet in the skies above the zone your in. Just a guess.

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posted 12-29-1999 04:48 PM           
I have seen someone with a Fiery Avenger on the tribunal server =) it looks cool

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posted 12-29-1999 05:21 PM           
The UFOs over Oasis look a lot like flying carpets to me. They are rectangular and all, so I guessed at that (seeing as you are in a Desert where you will see flying carpets in arabian settings(notice that sand giants wear turbins?)). I forgot to use Glimpse and take a closer look.

A tunnel in the lava? Interesting. Someone who can cast breif invulnerability spells should go out there.

Isnt Nixx Darkpaw a gnoll in qeynos? I know there is Fippy Darkpaw and I thought Nixx Darkpaw, Im pretty sure. I wonder why this DE in a gnoll dungeon would also be names there anything more to his name? A surname?

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posted 12-29-1999 07:33 PM           
About Crushbone... I just remembered that the slavers drop some keys that don't seem to go to any slaves, maybe they are some key to going underneath CB?

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posted 12-29-1999 07:41 PM           
The Nixx Darkpaw thing is more likely Verant's tendancy to reuse names. Out wandering the dunes by Befallen is a TierDal named Kizdean Gixx. Both the necro and wizard guildmasters of Freeport are named Opal Darkbrier. Every tom dick and harry dwarf is named Irontoe. But I didn't program the game, so maybe it could be something.

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posted 12-29-1999 10:12 PM           
You saw someone with a Soulfire on Tribunal, NOT the Fiery Avenger. Unless it was Aradune.

I love this thread! I think we need some confirmation or debunking of some rumors here, though. There are a LOT of neat ideas and thoughts, but no solid proof whatsoever...

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posted 12-29-1999 10:25 PM           
i saw the saturn planet again, this time in w commons. If anyone wants to see a pic of it e-mail me at
not sure if anyone cares, but if you do the pirate earring quest in oot, you can get some really weird stuff, i once got an aviak feather which i think is for a mage quest and a fishing spear

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posted 12-29-1999 10:28 PM           
forgot to mention, but i also saw the flying carpets, up until now i thought it was some glitch with my video card or something. i used a charge of glimse from my preserved split paw eye, but they were still out of focus and unclear

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posted 12-29-1999 10:30 PM           
oops, forgot another thing, i do believe there is or was some big beast in oot, cause when you hail a sister on the island, she says something about being careful because there are pirates around. nothing is in brackets but if you say "what pirates" she will say they got stranded on a nearby island when a huge seamonster attacked their ship and that they plan to take over the next ship that passes by.

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posted 12-30-1999 12:47 AM           
Ok Q&A time again. First I think Hawkk_ was correct. he saw The Firey Avenger on The Trbunal server. I have no idea why, but about a month ago a flurry of shout,tell,occ,auction stuff went up abouta guy carrying it in ButcherBlock, turns out the name was, ...drumroll please, Aradune.

Quein, the gob didn't see through your invis. I'm suprised how many casters who use invis don't know it cancels when you pick up ANYTHING.

The sister talking of the monster is a left over. They took out the monster, but not referances to it, a common programing mistake.

Hmm, anyone ever wander around in the caves underwater in everfrost(dark in there, esp for hummies)but the fire pot symbol is everwhere in there, this may have to do this the guy we meet(but did not engage, he was red to my 31ranger buddy)Sudan or some such. Nice place to visit, but have gate ready=)

Remember the Ak'Anon search on The Tribunal on Jan 8th, we will be looking over one of the least visisted cities in all norrath, lock, stock, and barrel. Everyone is welcome to come search.


Station Member
posted 12-30-1999 02:45 AM           
I too have seen the UFO's over the Oasis of Marr. It kinda freaked me out to see them when playing at like three in the morning and I thought my eyes or video card was playing tricks on me. As to what they really are who can say. I will get screenshots of them next time.

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posted 12-30-1999 03:09 AM           
If the firepot symbol is the one with the goblin head or dragon head in it with a circle around it, then I have some information about it.

I was in Ak'Anon investigating that switch and the king (I have some screen shots of the clockwork MMs and a log file of the event and a witness--the MM thing doesn't work so perfectly everytime as on most of the occasions only the clockwork spider beside the king turned into an MM, and the king killed me), I found that symbol inside of the king's palace (from the entrance go into the first room with all the clockworks then go in the door on the left. go straight accross and in the next room on a right hand cubby hole the symbol will be on the floor there (I have a screen shot). There is a symbol on the lower right corner of the picture that is like a "U" shaped thing. That symbol is on the entrance to Erudin from Tox Forest (I have a screenshot) and is also the shape of the monument in LFay, it has shadow men on it(More screen shots)

If you want to see any of the screen shots of the king event or any others that I have listed, or the log file of the king event email me at and I will send them to you.

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posted 12-30-1999 08:25 AM           
Interesting, the U shaped symbol. Not only is it in Lesser Faydark, but it is also in the Gorge of King Xorbb. All the minos and evil eyes hang out there.

Nixx's surname I do not remember, I believe it starts with N also. Like Nixx Nxxxxxxx. I was about to take screenshots of him but I got a visit by a GM to test out the guild code (remember how buggy the guild code was?).

It is kind of funny, because we were all alone in Paw, and it was the first time we killed Kurpoc Splitpaw. After I killed a bunch of people under Nixx's charm, the GM Vashaar showed up. Vashaar is a Dark Elf, and I immediately started asking him why he charmed me and killed my friends haha. Of course it wasn't him, but all Inkies look alike.

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posted 12-30-1999 11:01 AM           
Has anyone ever explored kedge? I keep hearing its so hard so noone ever goes there. but what if there was a big group to go there and explore it making it safer for everyone. that way you could explore it all. we could do the same thing for paw and other dangerous zones that need exploreing.

Also, i'm really curious why there is the ufo in the queynos pladins/clerics guild. maybe for a story line they could have a group of DEs gate into it and fly it away, or use its death rays to terrorize the populace. it just seems so out of place with the everquest world. unless the healing god (forgot name) knows their is intelligent life out there.

Maybe a lot of mysteries will come together in kunark. princess thex could be taken there, clockwork dragon might be there. etc.

Since the firey avenger is rumored to be paladin only, maybe the "little favor" that it starts with is there.

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posted 12-30-1999 11:03 AM           
in a paladins guild

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posted 12-30-1999 11:31 AM           
First off, I've been reading this post for awhile and (yes, I'm going to repeat what everybody has already said) it rocks.

I don't really have much to offer in the way of more mysteries or supposed answers, all that I have seen or discovered has been already covered in this thread.

As to the UFO in north Qeynos, I think it is Prime Healer's - Rodcet Nife's - ship. Have you ever looked at the picture of the Rodcet Nife? He sure looks like a "typical" alien to me. Tall, thin, large eyes. Maybe a alien? Maybe not. I'd like to think so though.

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posted 12-30-1999 12:14 PM           
I love this thread. Best one ever. This is getting weird though. Way to many unanswered questions out there. I will contact the FBI tomorrow and get Mulder and Scully out here ASAP. Until then, just remember....


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