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posted 12-17-1999 10:58 PM           
Also, the leader of the guild is Oath, so if I'm not logged in, he is, oh wow, this is also the 200th post!!!!!!!!

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posted 12-17-1999 11:11 PM           
Dragons don't drop their scales every time. I was reading a board on the FA and when somebody brought up the scales, there started alot of posts saying that scales didn't exist. One person said that their guild had killed Nagafen/Vox five times and had never seen him/her drop any. Another person said he had been involved in a dragon slaying several times and ahd gotten scales each time. Eventually somebody quelled the madness by stating that obviously the Dragons don't drop the scales all the time.

This brings up a new mystery: what are the scales actually for? The Firery Avenger which everyone suggests. A hidden, as yet to be discovered spell? Another hidden quest, that no one knows how to begin? One of those mysterious "Dragon Quests?"

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posted 12-17-1999 11:16 PM           
actually the scales are for a quest....
You get Dragonscale armor if im not mistaken
Red from Nagafen and Blue from Vox. It says so on Everlore I think but I might be wrong.

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posted 12-17-1999 11:33 PM           
First off, I'd like to say that this is a pretty good post, and that it hasn't been taken to the extremes like other posts on this board (Don't ask).

Secondly, about the missing zones, and the "safety points". The Missing Zones that have yet to be implemented BEFORE the expansion include, Paineel, The Hole, and The Plane of Sky (no, its not called the plane of air).

Thirdly, anybody that believes screenshots done by beezlebuub is either a) high or b) very gullible. Look at this screenshot for example:

This was the greatest fake SS i have ever seen =)

Its in the same design as the Kraken SS that was posted here. (The background is the West Karana zone). the SS also shows him Hailing the Kraken, and it does not follow the distictive hailing pattern for NPCs. First off, the word 'Hail' is ALWAYS capitalizied, in ALL situations. Also, when a person hails an NPC, there is always a single sapce after the text. Such as when you hail, say for example, Trannix Darkpaw, the screen would produce, 'Hail Trannix Darkpaw. '. This is the easiest hoax to disprove that I have seen in a long time. Beezlebuub does this all the time for fun and humor, don't believe any of his SSs.

Lastly, its Red Dragon Scale and WHITE Dragonscale (Vox is a white dragon). Very Nice armor if I do say so myself =)

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posted 12-18-1999 01:18 AM           

Folks, please look at that screenshot! Its the funniest thing ive seen since the Southpark Movie. Go look at the fake kraken screenshot first... im sure a link to its somewhere on this site, its at if you wanna search for it..

but anyways...

im glad to see this post got past 200, it needs a diffenate response from Aradune and hopefully not BEN-SOE!

Hopefully theyll release some zone info or other stuff related to kunark, or anywhere else... im thinking 15 zones to kunark and the rest will be planes or the like.

Lets just all pray for the plane of tranquility! =)

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posted 12-18-1999 12:01 PM           
Just a comment on aalyn's post, yes, my guild is indead forming a group in house that will be investigating this whole line of thinking, Nnamed, The League of Mysteries. (no that's not a long name, our guild name is The Royal Norrathian Guard=). If you are interested in helping us, we are on the tribunal server, and you can contact me or Aalyn about this.


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posted 12-18-1999 06:13 PM           
Hmmmm very interesting post about that Tunare sword, for sometime I have been thinking about dragons and in my opinion it is possible to raise faction with them(well if you can loose faction then you should also gain it, makes sense to me)and this would be a really good quest because not many people would ever really think of talking to a dragon, they just try to kill him(how simple). It would make sense though if something like this existed. All these languages have some use too I bet, such as Elder Dragon and Dark Speech. Who knos, this game is very messed up(in the sense that nobody really knows what exists and what doesn't). I don't think this post will ever be closed because people will try to solve these puzzles, I sure will try to anyways.

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posted 12-19-1999 09:20 AM           

On the topic of the locked Firepots in Neriak and other places, and they being teleporters.

I believe at least one person has discovered their secret. A few nights ago I was running through Neriak, and came to the gate with the large wooden spikes and large Firepots.

To my right, a human in brownish robes caught my eyes. He ran not to the gate, but to the firepot on the right side of the gate, and jumped on top of it... he for a brief instant ran against the wall, then vanished.

I immediatly ran over, loving to find new & interesting things, and jumped on top of the pot. I ran along the wall, I ran on top of the wooden spikes.. after a few minutes of searching, I found nothing.

I then ran behind the wall and looked. Even if there was a false wall, he would have just appeared on the other side. So I began looking on the other side of the wall for any hidden passages. Found none..

Odd, I was alone in the zone. Where could this HUMAN have gone in Neriak? I found it very odd that this individual jumped on top of the Firepot, and vanished. Now after I read this, I find it even more interesting and will probably be looking allot more often.

YES! A breath of fresh air. Something new. Something to seek out and explore. A reason for gaining levels and nice items.

As for the underwater passages.. can we say, fish boned ear ring? ;-) I've for a long time have held the beliefe that there are some very well hidden areas, if not zones and creatures, deep under the water. I fully intend on exploring ever watery area in Norrath to the fullest of extents... and leaving all my equipment in the bank when I do so. Just in case that odd seamonster can see invisible, and decides to eat me in one gulp.

Oh, and on the subject of the OOT and monsters living deeply down below. This is somewhat of a bummer, but have spent allot of time at the bottom of the OOT. It was barren, empty, and I didn't see so much as a wee shark, let alone any grand sea creature or shark. I WILL say, however, that falling down into the inky blackness is a frightening experiance. It is a LONG way down there..and even a Dark Elf can't see very far into that murky blackness..

I was expecting something to come out teeth first any second.

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posted 12-19-1999 11:41 AM           
That could have been a ghost NPC you saw. I'm sure we've all seen it happen: you chase down an NPC and when you get three feet away from him he goes poof, and you look around to see that he stopped thirty feet behind you. It's due to lag. There are humans in Neriak. One I can think of sells drinks in the Foreign Quarter.

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posted 12-19-1999 03:24 PM           
excuse me aalyn I think your name was would that be the tribunal server your guild is on?

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posted 12-19-1999 05:18 PM           
I've seen the Ocean of Tears Beast, I believe. This blueish head came out of the water and I saw a neck with spikes, and then both plunged back into the water. Never figured out what it was and nobodu else had seen it. Now I think it may have been this Madalodan (sp?)

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posted 12-19-1999 06:18 PM           
megalodon is a giant shark... i think you saw a different rumored monster in oot... called the ocean lord wich is also suspected to be perxus himself.

Also... A reliable friend of mine today claimed to have saw bertoxxulis in kithicor forest today at the burned out house.

Could this eman that god actually do spawn in places other then thier planes?

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posted 12-19-1999 06:56 PM           
Bertoxx was once said to be sited at the Plague Village in East Commons, but disappeared before anyone saw him (they just heard him shout about infidels), and when they arrived they found the village littered with peasant corpses. And of course Tunare is seen wandering through the Faydarks all the time. Did your friend happen to get any screenshots?

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posted 12-19-1999 10:17 PM           
Yes, the guild is on The Tribunal server. And if you see a god outside of the planes it is probably a GM doing something weird (They do odd stuff when they aren't hanging around sky plane) Oh, and I have a mystery that is more of a development question, when Paineel opens, how are evil people gonna get to it without invis? There aren't exactly tunnels in Erudin, also on my box it says underwater ZONES, I only know of one, that is Kedge Keep, so if Verant is living up to its name, there must be more then one (And mine is the box where it says three continents, so if they made a mistake it would've been corrected before my box)

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posted 12-19-1999 11:03 PM           
Maybe lake rathe has a tunnel way down deep tha tleads to a underwater zone or an island could have a huge underwater cave underneath it. maybe East commons lake leads somewhere. maybe the gms could hold an event to hunt for all the hidden things and then when it is over, tell everyone which ones could actually be found. they could provide fishbone thingys for all. *lightbulb flashes|* maybe queynos aquaducts lead somewhere! i mean the water has to come from somewhere

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posted 12-19-1999 11:23 PM           
about the ak'anon switch. I have heard before about a great machine in the mino caves in Steamfont, but I have never heard of anyone saying that they have seen it. The switch in ak'anon could be the power switch to the great machine.(ie. getting it to spawn)

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posted 12-19-1999 11:31 PM           
OK, first it is the air plane. If you do a who all gm it says airpane, and I know it says hateplane and fearplane. Do you really think verant wants the abbreviation to be PoS? =) Now on to what we have dicovered.

1)The giant sea monster was removed due to pathing problems, and may be summoned by a gm.

2)The fiery avenger as brad said is not in game yet.

3)Clockwork dragon is currently not in the game and will possibly, but not likely be in expansion.

4)Mayong Mistmoore is in the game but is not reachable "yet."(your guess is as good as mine.

5)There are two sphinx, they may give out a quest.

6)Shadowed Men: There is a detailed story about them if you talk to some npcs, mostly in temple of ro.

7)Prince Kermit: Uhh I think not, no idea though.

8)Neriak Bookshelf: Don't know

9)Miragul: Does not currently exsist.

10)Glowing Claymore of Tunare: Seems very likely to be a hoax, many problems with it, including if it was sold, would not the person give off the secret? And WHY oh why would anyone sell it!!(first) for 15k(second)!!!???

11)Dragon Quests: Ugg, someone else go try =)

12)Baby Green Dragon: No idea

13)West Karana Roc: No idea

14)Green Splinted Mail: Is not currently possible to get. Was possibly dropped in sol b durring beta (naggy?), and was only looted in a gm event before final release.

15)Neriak Fire Pots: no idea

Did I miss somthing?

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posted 12-19-1999 11:49 PM           
or that ak'anon switch could just turn on the light on the light on the light outside the entrance.

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posted 12-20-1999 09:30 AM           
So where are all these firepots? I going to try to find ppl to gather by each one and others to go to spots where something might occur?

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posted 12-20-1999 09:45 AM           
Well I do belive there 'will' be other dragons at least. Notice when you kill goblins in Permafrost the factions are somthing like:

Your faction with Vox has decreased.
Your faction with the Ring of Scale has increased.
Your faction with Nagafen has decreased.

Who is this Ring of Scale? Maybe the 'good' dragons. Maybe Naga and Vox are 'outlaw' dragons.

Just a thought.

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posted 12-20-1999 12:00 PM           
About Tunares claymore, I can easily see this being in the game, as an artifact of course. There is a staff that is a lootable drop in PoF (or used to be) that had Beguile undead (thats a charm spell for those whoe don't know). Hence why I think a weapon that procs charm could be in the game. One that powerful though I would assume is an artifact.

Prince Kyrmit (Not spelled Kermit) is in the game and is a froglok in lake rathetear. Hes around 23ish. Didn't drop anything when we killed em, was a bit of a dissapointment. He sometimes becomes lodge in the hill near the Lake Rathe/Rath Mountain zone, just past the bandit camp.

Hmm I was under the impression that Abashi (or Brad) already commented on the release of the Clockwork Dragon (going so far as to name his domain) in RoK. Could be mistaken though.

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posted 12-20-1999 12:06 PM           

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posted 12-20-1999 12:10 PM           
(takes valium calms down)

Sorry, about that. Didn't mean to post yet.

Like I said before, if only Bards can gain access to the dragons (and as the only worshippers of Veeshan, I think it's most likely they are the only ones), it would be useless to them other than to sell it (hence the incredible riches that dragons bestow on their followers). Is 15k not that much? It's sounds like alot to me (though I am very low in level). But then again, that quest may not be so hard and repeatable.

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posted 12-20-1999 01:05 PM           
A new mystery? Caves beneath Erud's Crossing?

When my ranger was in his mid-teens I would often go to the island in Erud's Crossing to hunt willowisps. MANY times I would see fire elementals on tracking and try to hunt them down (I'd fought earth and air elementals before, so thought I would try fire). Every time that I tried to find them, after following them for a certain distance along a the direction indicated by tracking, the tracking would start to flop around -- fire elemental is to your left, fire elemental is behind you, etc. If I moved far away, the tracking would point right back to that spot, but when standing there it was as if tracking was confused because the fire elemental was either right above or below me.

After this had happened a few times, I did visual seraches of the island looking for the fire elemental (or elementals) that I could see on my tracking and there were none unless they were invisible. The island is not large and one could readily criss-cross it and be reasonably certain that you were seeing all that there was to see.

It has become my suspicion that there are caves beneath the volcano on the island in Erud's Crossing. I searched inside the cone of the volcano and never found any apparent (or not-so-apparent) entrance, but did not extend my search beyond that. Perhaps the entrances to the lava tunnels lie out in the water somewhere or beneath the ship of the zombie sailors. Just speculation.

Does anyone else think there might be something to this or am I being fooled by a tracking bug?


Also, regarding the human using the firepot in Neriak and then running against the wall for a few seconds before vanishing. This is exactly the sort of latency behavior you see when someone uses a teleporter and, to me, supports the speculation that these firepots are teleporters.

If you don't believe this, go to the casters' guild in Felwithe and sit in the main teleporter chamber for a while and watch people using the teleporter platforms to go to their respective guilds. Whenever anyone steps on one of the platforms and teleports, it appears to some watching that they continue to step forward and run against the wall for a second or two before vanishing. This is exactly the appearance I would expect someone to see if someone actually did successfully use the firepots as teleporters.

Two other rumors I heard regarding the firepots come from the first time I ever heard of them. My agnostic dark elf was in Misty Thicket and a Barbarian came up to him and asked about the firepots (news to me at the time). He began by asking me if I worshipped Innourruk becuase he had been told that the firepots in Neriak only worked for those who followed Innourruk and that they also required a key to operate. Third-hand information, but I ofter for what it is worth.


Lastly, there are parapets and overlook walkways in Felwithe. If you look up you can see guards patrolling there and once I saw another player on them. Does anyone know how to reach these and do they conceal some secret passage or chambers in Felwithe (perhaps the elven royalty)?


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posted 12-20-1999 02:12 PM           
The Fire elementals spawn on the island in eruds crossing and are quite bad ass for the levels that hunt there. I believe they are triggered by killing the kerran fire beetles.

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posted 12-20-1999 02:17 PM           
Those elementals may have some way to throw off your tracking. Of course, if your tracking worked on other elementals, I see no reason as to why they would be able to throw it off. Of course, there could be a way to go through the lava in the volcano (if there is lava; I wouldn't know). Maybe some super hidden item.

I think those guards just spawn up there. If somebody found a way to get up there, it's not necessarily hidden. Didn't you used to be able to stack levitation?

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posted 12-20-1999 03:04 PM           
Hey One mystery solved!!
Yes folks, WE have solved the bookshelf mystery. For those of you who don't know, in Neriak 3rd Gate there is a set of bookshelfs two actually, in two different buildings, that look like they conceal something. The first is across from the Ebon Hand in the Library, if you are standing at the Furrier, one way is the rogues the other is what has come to be known as the Library, Lokar To'Biath is in there, along with the merchants who sell the port and gate spells. The other shelves are in a building that is empty I believe, don't know what it's called, and you will know you are there when you look at the wall and see mounted heads: a lion, a wolf and a snake I believe, not sure though. Anyways if you are at the fountain facing the Maiden with tehe Bauble on your left turn right go down the corridor through the opening on your left, the building is down there.
The bookshelves look to be concealing a secret door or something, and this fits the cliche too. Maybe that is why we are all intrigued by this, move a book and a door will open. Well one of my group pointed out to me that in both buildings wherevers two shelf "icons" meet you can see the border. Sure enough you can, this must be a programming glitch on Verants behalf and it just looks like something to those of us who want to see something there. Check it out, you will see that wherever there are bookshelfs if two are together, the border between makes this oddball line. Kinda like one is standing farther out than the rest. Well that answers that question, but there are several more...

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posted 12-20-1999 03:05 PM           
First off about the Black Burrow secret. I was on EQ in bb for a Burrow King GM event, and after the king was defeated he shouted that he would be back and that no one would find his secret passage. Then a text came up that said " the sounds of a rock slamming into place can be heard". I asked a gm about this and he said that it was a quest and he would not tell me anymore. I have screenshots of all the things that I have spoken of here. If you want them send me an email at

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posted 12-20-1999 03:14 PM           
About Fire Elementals, trust me, if you see them somewhere, you want to avoid them, I just made lvl 16 in Lavastorm last night (woohoo) and they are the biggest pain in the butt, thankfully with my Expulse Summoned I can take 'em out quickly though. Also, according to Ignaurus, there was no way to put megalodon in OOT, because he doesn't have an NPC file there, so if there is a monster in OOT, it isn't the same one as in Rathetear (which isn't currently in the game, although it may come to Tribunal soon if the bug can be fixed w/o the use of a programmer)


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posted 12-20-1999 03:15 PM           
The symbol in Neriak. What is this?
Some say it seems to indicate east, but look again, mark is by a symbol, but it is not an E. One of the "legs" is broken, it goes up and there is a definite space before it is finished. We all know the "bat" is the symbol of Neriak, but there is a symbol around the circle that can also be seen on the pots in the Cleric guild. Haven't been around Neriak neriak, BUT I am going to check the guilds with the symbols and see if the markings on the circle can be related to guilds in some way.
Also, on this you can find the same symbol, at the Sisters of the Dark on the gate, and by Guard Lumin in the Foreign Quarter. Haven't seen one in Commons, but I have seen one in Lake Rathetear. I HAVEN'T found one in Grobb or Oggok, and you would think that there would be in the SK or Shaman halls, there isn't. Nor have I spotted one around Freeport, as a DE i don't make it to Qeynos much. Let me know where else you see them.

Second, HOW does the Leatherfoot Deputy get into Neriak????? He must have a Spawn there I have not seen ANY NPC's zone. Why? What business does this Halfling have in Neriak? Someone expound on this for me. I have nery a clue...

Third, where did the Ring of the Dead go? I got Loveal to give me a Reaper of the Dead, twice. And Ixtaz or whoever won't tell me about the Ring. Do I HAVE to be a SK or Nec to get her to talk? Any comments will be helpful.

And lastly, has anyone else noticed that there are NO quests in the Spires of Innoruuk. I started Erudite, Gnome and Halfling Clerics just to check this out and ALL the other halls have cleric quests. Why doesn't Innoruuk chose to support his cleric?

Oh and one more thing, when doing quests for the Rogues they talk about serving the King. Yet, when you do a quest for the SKs/Necs they talk about serving the Queen. Is there a connection here? Has anyone looked into this?

High Priest of Davog'Te
Rallos Zek
always lookin for answers

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posted 12-20-1999 03:24 PM           
I think I know what deputy you're talking about. He's a traitor to his race. Plenty of them in Neriak. I've Humans, Erudites, Dwarves, and even a Half-Elf (though she didn't seem to happy to be there) in Neriak. The Foreign Quarter is loaded with Trolls/Ogres. Makes me wonder, wouldn't it be cool if Tolls or Ogres could start in Neriak? Maybe I'll start a new post.

I really think that symbol is just a graphic. I see it in alot of caster guilds and it's usually surrounded by Enchanters (for some reason) or Necromancers. I'm sure Brad is just trying to make it's own symols.

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posted 12-20-1999 04:36 PM           
To answer one question, scuzzbopper, the entrance to the parapets and walkways over and around the bridge inside Felwithe can be accesed through the Paladain guild. Go downstairns where Jyleel is, and behind the Altar is a wall that looks like it has schrapnel in it(for lack of a better description). You can walk right through this wall and you gain full access to the passages. Nothing really special though, except a nice view.
One guard there will respond when hailed! The other guards in Felwithe a tight...lipped, and never talk. This guard will talk about the princess of Felwithe, and that she is *drumroll* missing! Also that she sometimes dresses as a commoner and mixes with the people. I looked around the city and couldnt find any NPCs that looked like they might be a princess in disguise, so I suppose she is either triggered to spawn or something. I couldnt squeeze anything else out of the guard. Anyway, he is the one in the balcony to the left when looking from the entrance tunnel toward the city. It is kinda hard to find your way around in the tunnels, they are small and disjointed.

Does anyone have any leads on this quest???

Also, Innoruuk spurns his Clerics because they are...healers? And he is the god of Hate, which equates to Death and Pain?

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posted 12-20-1999 04:36 PM           
Found this on CoN about 2 months ago copy and pasted it over. Enjoy :

"It's funny the things they don't mention in patches. Ok after doing that orc runner quest a few times, a new quest shows up.
It's about the upcoming invasion of kelethin and the secret dark elf army gathering. go speak to so and so for more details.

so you have to head off to one of the guilds (you figure it out) and find a recently added npc who gives you the invasion plans. but first you have to prove your worth by running an errand to a another dark elf npc in southern ro.

once this is done, the plans are yours and you will now be allowed to enter the secret door behind the npc. note you cannot enter this tunnel without the plans.

at the end of the tunnel are two dark elf guards and a teleporter. do not attempt to get on the the teleporter right away or the guards will take you out (double attacks, kick, and bash in one round yikes). you have to hail the guard on the right in which he gives you a riddle.

the answer has to do with the history of nerriak and it took us a couple days to figure this one out.

when the correct answer is given and you step on to the telport, guess where you now appear in crush?

this was a toughy."

- I myself have no idea if this is true or not but it maybe someone has figured out a new unknown mystery in Neriak which has to do with the Teleportation devices that dark races were rumored to have hidden somewhere as the "advantage" to being evil.

-Aaredor Mistwalker

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posted 12-20-1999 04:49 PM           
The quest about the princess: you can't find her in Felwithe. She has been taken prisoner in Highhold. It's written about in the Strategy Guide. It's also rumored to have something to do with Firery Avenger (but what the hell doesn't).

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posted 12-20-1999 10:10 PM           
I beleive i once heard that if you kill Barb guards in Halas it will raise faction with either just vox or vow and nagafen both no idea if this it true though

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posted 12-20-1999 10:24 PM           
Ok awhile back I made a gnome character just for the hell of it. I walked around Steamfont mountains and just decided to walk along the mountain edge. I then approached a gnome who was standing on the mountain and he said something and killed me. Any ideas of what that was?

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posted 12-20-1999 10:51 PM           
I began playing EQ when it went retail, and let me tell you something quiet interesting I had stumbled across way back during my 14th level.

Around this time Blackburrow was a heavily hunted zone of sometimes more than 80+ people somewhat like Lower Guk is today. So as I was on my way to Blackburrow an OOC caught my eye saying something like this "Looking for more members to hunt PAW with, great exp and awsome loots!" PAW? the dungeon known as Splitpaw, I had never been there before and all I knew of were that it was very far away and carried some valuable treasures. So I ventured with this group into PAW, 2 of the members seemed to already know the dungeon fairly well, and mentioned that we will be camping a 'secret' room for RTSs, which were worth 40-50pp at the time. These 2 individuals asked the rest of us to keep this room a secret, for it could become a heavily camped spot and ruin the value of RTSs. Until this posting I have kept the secret, but now that PAW has been revamped and RTSs are of little value, I want to share with you what I had seen with my own eyes along with, by the end 4 other individuals whos names I cannot recall.

After what seemed like a very long run at the time, we reached PAW. Upon entering the zone we came into a massive train of gnolls; and had to zone right back out. So then the leader of this hunt a wizard, casted see invis and invis spells on all of us, and back into PAW we went. He stated "Follow me closely and quick before our invis runs out".

I wish I had better knowledge of the dungeon, but eventually we came to a pool of water that maybe took up half the room. On first glance, and inspection of this pool it appears to be shallow and have nothing to it; but there is a small drop in which you can swim down a bit further and discover a deep tunnel. The drop in the water is a bit difficult to find at first so you had to look around carefully. This tunnel was long and almost took all of my natural breath to swim through, and upon comming out of the water we were in what the wizard called the secret room. Now here is where the 2nd person in command came into play, a rogue whos name I barely remember as being Zparad. The wizard questioned Zaparad something like this, "Do you think, you will be able to pick open the chest?" Zaparad; responded with a clear "yes". So into this secret room we wondered into at first there are two way to go, one way which leads into a dead end room with some poisonus snakes, and another which lead into a large chamber with bats, gnoll generals? (I belive) and a gnoll high shaman (holds the RTS). After about 5 minutes of carefully plotting an attack plan, we charged the room. Unfortunetlly one of the members died and went LD Im assuming because he dropped the group right upon death (don't know if he ever came for his corpse or not). The wizard claimed first to recive an RTS and we all agreed since we would all profit from his secret. Now I know Im really dragging on here but, hey I like to chat, what can I say?

Now this is where things got really interesting. In this room layed a treasure chest. At the time I didn't think they could be opened. Yet, this rogue proved me wrong when she picked the lock on the chest open. This was the wizards main purpose on comming down here as it appeared to me the following day. He wanted to know what was in that chest. Anyway the rogue said something along the lines of; "blackburrow key?!? whats this crap?" The wizard then replied "i have some good ideas as to what this is lets go try it out people."

Well, there went our groups chances of cashing in today.

Anyway upon leaving PAW we came across one nasty mean darkelf necro, killed one of our members near the zone, but luckily the rest of us managed to escaped. So onto Blackburrow we went, and with the remaining group members we came down into the snake pit, where a big unopenable door is. Well, the rogue tried the key and to our suprise it did not work (BTW, do not know if this is of any importance but the key was No Drop). The wizard seemed quiet frustrated at this and said, for us to follow him because he had one last idea. Im not very good about directions but there is an area some ways in blackburrow on the lower levels that also has a big unopenable door and beside it a small passage you can slip through too.

Well, again the rogue tried the key in this door and the wizards delight it opened. Upon entering there was a short narrow hallway were 2 commanders stood. We quickly took them out and moved on a little further and came across an even narrower passage which when we walked some ways warped us back a couple steps. Very, very odd we thought maybe it was bug or something at the time.

After that day I never really thought much about it until I saw the mentionings of a lower blackburrow on this message board. I really want to get a rogue and grab that key again, but now that the dungeon is 30+ it would take a large group, and who knows whats in that room now.

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posted 12-20-1999 11:27 PM           
Hail all this is Myerkul, leader of the Cult of the Plaguebringer. Well i wanted to say a little aout the gods when they make aapearances in Norrath. Well, when Tribunal server first came out i created Cult of the plaguebringer, a guild for those of us who were devote worshippers of Bertoxxulous. this WAS the largest guild on that server and we WERE going strong. Then at our climax we held an event in WK were we RPd sacrificeing Borther Estle and Chintle (priest of Life) to Bertoxxulous. We had done this MANY time before BUT never had such a in depth rp to it.

Well i guess some GMs heard about it and the spawned a MOB called BERTOXXULOUS. he just stood there as all of us (around 30-40 people) stood in awe. He didnt walk around {although he didnt move a couple times}. Most of us started yelling all hail the plaguebringer and crap like that. Then he gave Akturus (our head shadow knight) a Scythe of Pestilance and I a Dagger of Bertoxxulous.

Now this is all true and im sure a few of you were there and remember. i would like you to reply so that people wont doubt this. I will have pics of the Dagger of Bertoxxulous up for everyone to see. I just thought ise let everyone know.

Ohhh yea Bertoxxulous looks like a giant (about the size of a stone guardian) zombie w/spectre cloak. He con'd red to me as i was level 50. the stats on the dagger were ( 15 dam 23 delay +6 wis +10 Int Effect: plague* Magic item artifact NO Drop)

* i think plague is a high level disease spell.

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posted 12-20-1999 11:47 PM           
You forgot to say where we can find these pics. We don't doubt you, though. Please get back soon though. I really want to see what Toxxy looks like.

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posted 12-21-1999 08:11 AM           
The guard in Falwithe is talking about Princess Thex. The quest used to lead to High Hold but not anymore. If your ever in Lake Raithe for a while you will usually hear her yelling to the whole zone as this is where she is now. This quest involves killing a Sand Giant so I don't think I'll be finishing it anytime soon.

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